How can we do Digital Parenting?

Technology makes the life of young kids’ tech savvy, plenty of tech devices, software and games are made and at younger ages. Tech companies have made different kinds of smartphone and tablets for pre-school kids. Therefore, parents have to buy smartphones for kids studying in kindergarten. When these young kids reach middle school age they get used to using the phones and do texting, video calling and share photos and video sharing without knowing the fact that it could be harmful to their physical and mental growth. Young kids and teens also use social media websites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and many others then resultantly face some odd things like sexting, cyber bullying, and health hazards.

What parents need to do?
Parents when they come to know the issues related to the obsession of their kids with the digital world, they often are unable to make decisions about digital parenting. If parents need to digital parenting then they should do following steps.

Remove communicational gap:
First, parents need to remove the communicational gap between them and their kids, then make a discussion with your kids and try to teach them, how they should use the digital world. Keep talking to your kids until they realize that their mother or father is the only true friend they have in their lives.

Parents should be tech Savvy:
It is true that in this contemporary world, kids are far ahead than their parents. So, if parents don’t know how to make a check on the usage of the digital world of their kids then it seems impossible to do digital parenting. So, parents need to learn the digital world and they should know every good or bad aspect of the digital networking. There is no need to worry, parents should read the tutorials, can see videos regarding digital parenting and should practically learn the way of using tech gadgets and software.

Use parenting control software:
If you are father or mother and you don’t want that your young kid watches the carnal content and other bad things in the digital world, then it is necessary to use parenting software available in the market such as TheOneSpy¬†which enable parents to make a check on their kids 24/7.

Make some rules and make sure the implementation:
If parents realize that their kids are addicted to the digital world and they want to apply digital parenting on them. Then start making some rules and strictly tell your kids to follow otherwise they will face some serious consequences. Let your kids know if they will not follow the rules then they may not allow using the digital devices at all. Make a time table for some specific time in which they will allow to use things but not to those which are inappropriate for them.

Be friendly with your kids:
Tell them you are their first friend on their social media accounts; follow your kids and teens on Twitter and also on Youtube. One thing always keeps in mind that doesn’t overdo and leave comments and don’t under do as well. It is good to watch your kid’s activities but don’t be a spy on their activities. Talk to them instead of stalking will build your trust on them.

Celebrate with your kids and explore with them:
When you follow your kids then don’t forget to go online with them. Play with them, video games, watch videos and share photos as well and hang out with your children online. Learn some things regarding what you don’t know because they are more tech savvy as you are.

Be a role model for your kids:
Kids always follow their guardians, so be a role model, do good things in your life when you see your kids are watching you. When parents use the digital stuff in a good way then kids automatically follow your footsteps.

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