How I Spruced Up My Home With Music

I don’t know about you, but I love redecorating my home. No matter when I have just completed one project, I am always thinking about moving onto the next one. It is a compulsion! But, it is also necessary because renovation can fix some of the most basic home issues where others tend to fail. My newest technique is to decorate with music. That might sound like a pretentious and new age thing to say, but I assure it isn’t. It is just a trick I have fallen in love with that keeps my home fresh. Hopefully, you think so too!


I love old, wooden guitars because they give off a warm, cosy feeling around the house. My tip is not to go overboard. One, maybe two, is the perfect amount in each room. Otherwise, your house starts to look like a recording studio! Consider putting them in different places as well, and not side by side or at either end of the fireplace. If you have elevated platforms, a guitar is a great piece of equipment and something different.



A grand piano is what I would love, but they are too expensive. And, they are massive. If you can afford one and fit it in your home, by all means go for it. I know I would. But, if you cannot do either, there are smaller versions that look just as good. A mid-sized or miniature piano will look great in the corner of the living room and plays just as well if you like to tickle the ivories.


Another great alternative are keyboards, and my personal preference is the Yamaha p255. However, there are plenty out there for you to pick from, too. I like keyboards because they are much easier to fit into a room and much cheaper than any piano.

Music Sheets

Sheets of music are a great way to decorate any room. Just print off a few of your favourite songs and stick them up in rooms around the house. Try and make them as pretty as possible before you attach them. Another cheeky method is to combine them with your instruments. A few sheets of music on a coffee table next to the guitar or on the piano goes a long way. They add a subtle and sophisticated touch that is hard to replicate.


One trick my friend uses is to frame records and put them up, which I love. Although I said before you don’t want the recording studio feel, I love the fact that it gives off a recording studio feel! Hypocritical I know, but I cannot help it! The crux of it is the retro and cool vibe that framed records give off, almost like you earned that platinum album. It is rocky and everyone loves a rockstar.

At the minute, decorating with music is my favourite theme. It is easy and incredibly unique, which is hard to find with generic items saturating the market.


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