How IOT Can Positively Change Restaurant Industries

Although equipment failure is one of a thing that most commonly occur in any restaurant business however, people won’t give enough thought into it. Toaster, oven or other food services equipment’s are typically go out of work especially in the busy times.

Regular maintenance process sometimes help restaurants from falling into this trap, it cannot give full support to keep your equipment’s workable all the year round. Something proactive is necessary in order to get good result from all restaurant equipment.

Applying Internet of Things (IOT) may significantly reduce stress from any restaurant managers today. Currently IOT are successfully taken control over many equipment across the industries that proves improvements in efficiencies as well as in cost.

The Idea of IOT 

The idea behind IOT I that any object can share their data with other systems by connecting themselves through internet. Owner of the machine can then analyze those data and decide how to maintain those machine better. For this reason, implementing IOT can be highly useful in restaurants and commercial kitchens, as there are equipment like stove or refrigerators needs continuous monitoring for breakage, temperature and compliance.


How I made my restaurant more efficient with IoT?

Restaurant supervisors and operators can monitor practically every aspect of the food service equipment using detectors that are connected. A simple IoT sensor could be connected to your machine and monitor the operation and health of the equipment. For example, here are some ways restaurant supervisors utilize IoT solutions in their kitchens:

Preventive Maintenance 

Now, a simple, internet can be connected through micro controller that can be equipped with all sorts of sensors and functionalities. These devices can then keep a close eye on the condition of valuable equipment, and alert operators to service equipment before maintenance issues become worse.

Compliance Tracking

IoT technology is turning Compliance Tracking into a responsive process.” Restaurant supervisors can track sensitive assets and collect information to ensure equipment and machines satisfy regulatory standards.

Remote Observation

Remote observation is one of the basic application for the internet of thing. Almost everything you can imagine can be equipped with a very unique identifier and able to transfer date autonomously over a network. In case of restaurants, remote sensors can gather information to ensure food and inventory warming stations are at the right temperature and meet regulatory standards.

The Way Restaurants May Successfully Execute IOT

The best part is that, because the technology and its many programs have matured so much in the last ten years, IoT solutions have become accessible — and affordable — in the restaurant industry.

For starters, they don’t have to be built from scratch. In fact, several IoT vendors and providers are in the company of developing and installing a simple set of easy-to-implement and cheap wireless sensors that can proactively monitor vital equipment in almost any size restaurant or commercial kitchen.

For instance, they are useful in a broad range of situations, such as remote kitchen management to reduce energy use and cost, food waste management, safe cooking environments, streamlined workflows and automated supply chain management.

Final Verdict

Equipment failure and kitchen disasters will happen anywhere. The cost of doing business will always involve significant replacement and repair costs. It’s no exception in the restaurant business. One of the best ways to decrease loss from equipment failure is hiring an IOT developer who will assist you in implementing automation in your business process thereby improve your decision making process, secure your critical data and reduce all unnecessary costs and help make change in your restaurant business for good.

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