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How to Achieve A Coffee Wedding Theme

Ever wondered what wedding theme to have on your wedding day? Having a theme for your wedding day is very important as it can guide you in choosing what style and color motif you will use in designing your venue and your wedding dress in NJ. If you are having a difficult time choosing a theme, you can sit down with your partner and lay down your favorites that are similar to each other, and narrow down your choices.

Shoutout to all the coffee-lovers couples out there! Have you ever envisioned your dream wedding following a theme that is all about coffee? This article is for you. If you plan to have one, below are some tips and ideas on how to achieve a coffee wedding theme for your significant wedding day.

1. The Color Palette

When it comes to coffee, the colors that we can always associate with are from the different hues of brown. Try to mimic your favorite coffee drink in your wedding theme by choosing the different shades of brown.

The hues of brown have been the trend lately as it gives off a simple yet classy feeling. Many brides incorporate this color palette into their wedding gowns. Instead of using white fabric for their wedding dress, they use beige or nude-colored shades.

You can also make use of this for the gowns of your bridesmaids and suits of your groomsmen. It will give a sophisticated and classy look to your entourage.

2. The Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue

The wedding venue for both the ceremony and venue is easy to choose when it comes to a coffee wedding theme. You can choose either indoor or outdoor venues for this, depending on what you prefer and what fits your budget.

For the indoor wedding venue, you can choose small halls in a hotel or restaurant. There are a lot of hotels or restaurants that you can choose from in New Jersey. Having a small venue for this kind of wedding theme can give off an intimate feeling to your guest. This is a good idea for reliving good coffee date memories with your closest friends and family.

For the outdoor wedding venue, you can have your backyard as your wedding venue. This is a good idea if you want to have an intimate kind of wedding. You can also secure a permit to make use of public parks for your wedding venue to hold a wedding with a large number of guests.

3. The Decorations

Decorating your wedding ceremony and reception venue is also easy for this one. You can use big drop lights with blackheads or covers to copy the interior of a coffee shop. For the table set-up for your guests, you can use double-walled coffee mugs instead of the usual glass to serve the drinks. Use table candles contained in a glass to add to your decoration.

You can also use a minimalist flower arrangement. Adorn it with small brown twigs or branches as an accent to your flower arrangement. Have some coffee beans scattered around. The scent from the beans can help in making your guest feel “Wow! This is indeed a coffee-themed wedding!”

4. The Food

Choosing the food to be served for your wedding day with this kind of theme is quite fun. You can browse through the menus of some coffee shops and copy the meals they offer. Have your food menu displayed like the ones in a coffee shop. Instead of serving wines for the drinks, you can serve them coffee. Depending on what your guests prefer, you can serve hot or ice-blended coffee drinks. For your desserts, chocolate cakes are the best to be paired with coffee. Serve your guests with varied chocolate cake choices.

5. Add-ons

For a more fun wedding day with a coffee theme, set up stalls in your wedding venue that serve a variety of dishes and drinks that use coffee. This way your guests will be energized with the help of the caffeine the coffee offers. For your souvenir, you can give them coffee packs ranging from ground to whole coffee beans.

If you have the budget, you can give your special guests a french press coffee maker along with a pack of coffee beans. This way, they will remember the wonderful memories they created during your wedding day while taking a sip of the coffee you gave to them.

If you want a wedding day that is good for books, you will need to choose a theme that you and your guests will surely remember. The coffee theme is one of a kind wedding theme that will surely get the interests of your wedding guest.

You can use the tips and ideas mentioned above if you want to have a coffee-themed wedding. Veer away from the usual wedding themes and challenge yourself with this kind of theme.

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