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How To Become A Soccer Fan

American men have one thing in common in life: a love of sports. It doesn’t matter which part of the country you reside in, or what you are like as an individual. You turn on the TV, and you can’t help but watch the latest in sport’s action. Some people are far more at home learning how to play golf and spending their afternoons on the course. While others love to play a spot of tennis or shoot some hoops. Mainly, most Americans are football fans. The support and euphoria surrounding football is massive in the US. And, that can leave the non-supporters feeling excluded. It is like following football is a club, and you are not invited. If you feel left out, here are a few ways to try and become a football fan.

Watch As Many Games As Possible

To most Americans, football is second nature. Sitting down to watch the game on a Sunday afternoon is like breathing. For you, it is a completely unnatural experience. You don’t like the game, so you don’t waste time trying to watch the game. That makes perfect sense when you couldn’t care about being a fan. But, when you want in, you have to start taking an interest. By watching multiple games, you will get used to the experience. One day, you might even start to enjoy the experience!

Support A Good Team

Your team doesn’t have to be the best team in the world, but they should hold some personal identity with you. For example, maybe you attended a game as a kid? The first-hand experience of thousands of screaming football fans is enough to give anyone goosebumps. A team like Green Bay or New England are always a good choice because they are exciting win or lose.

Watch A Game Live

Watching football on TV does not do it justice. The atmosphere at some of the most iconic grounds in football is unlike anything you will hear at any other stadium. When you get to factor in the crowd, the chants and the passion as well as the actual play, you can’t help but get involved. Before you know it, you’ll be a legitimate football fan.


Learn The Rules

The reason outsiders hate the sport is because they don’t understand the sport. It is a load of men running around a field throwing a ball covered in pigskin. However, when you delve deeper, there is a lot more skill involved. When you learn the rules, you suddenly have a better understanding of what it takes to play professional football. With that understanding there comes respect for the players and the sport itself.

Play The Game

Everyone has their preferences, and preferences can be moulded by playing a sport. For example, if you play the sport, you are more likely to be a fan. Once you get to experience football first-hand, you will start to fall head over heels.

Still not interested? Well, there is always baseball!

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