Every home needs a reliable vacuum cleaner. However, there is a need to consider a number of factors before making a decision if you are to get the best product capable of meeting your needs. Vacuum cleaners come in different sizes and with varying features and this is what makes all the different. For example, you’ll find that the best Shark Vacuum differs greatly from the best Dyson vacuum cleaners especially when it comes to features. Normally, upright vacuum cleaners are ideal for people who want to clean a lot of rugs and wall-to-wall carpets while canisters are ideal for laminate, hardwood and tiled floors. If you’re dealing with lighter cleaning tasks, a hand-held or stick vacuum will be ideal. This said, here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your needs: –


When choosing a vacuum cleaner, always check the features in light of surfaces you need to clean. It will be better to go for motorized brush as this can clean carpets in a better way as opposed to the ones which are only powered by suction. It will also be good to look for a vacuum cleaner that has a switch which allows you to deactivate the brush thus protecting the bare floors and also prevent against the scattering of debris. Other essential features include suction control and height adjustment control especially if you need to clean draperies or other sensitive fabrics.

Bagless or bagged

Vacuum cleaners either come with bags or are bagless. The bags are for collecting the dust and bagless ones normally come with an-board bin. When choosing between the two, it is important to consider the pros and cons of each and see which one best favors you and meets your needs. For starters, reusable cloth bags and bins are a bit hard to empty and also messy. On the other hand, you’ll find bags to be more user-friendly although costly due to bag replacement.

It is also important to note that bagged vacuum cleaners are designed to use specific bags which you should consider before making a purchase. Additionally, you will need more filters if you opt for bagless vacuum cleaners but this is compensated by the fact that you do not need to purchase bags.

Allergies ad filters

Vacuum cleaners come in different types of filters and this is something you should consider when making your choice. This is especially important especially if you have people who suffer from allergies or asthma. You can choose between HEPA filters or micro filters but first of all understand how each works as well as the pros and cons of using any of them. To begin with, most vacuum cleaners are equipped with micro filters which are considered to be more standard.

Micro filters are available in washable and disposable options but these are known to release dust particles into the air while you are cleaning. These aren’t the best if you have allergy and asthma problems. On the other hand, HEPA filters are considered to be the best as they trap small dust, allergens and other pollutants with efficiency. These are suitable for protecting against aggravation of allergies and asthma. HEPA filters can trap up to 99.9% dust particles.

Add-on cleaning tools

You may also need to look for a vacuum cleaner that has other options such as small upholstery brush, narrow crevice cleaning tool and round dusting brush. In case you have pets, then you may need to consider some of Best Shark Vacuum cleaners for pets capable of picking pet hair on your floors, upholstery and rags.  If you are looking for the best carpet cleaner, go for vacuum machine with powered intake as opposed to simple suction intake. It will also be good to look for edge cleaners if you want to clean wall-to-wall carpets as these are capable of picking debris hidden between the walls and carpet edges.

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