How to Choose the Best Weed Killer for Your Home Garden?

It’s annoying to see the overgrown weed spoiling the overall beauty of your garden or pathways. They grow anywhere and are never invited. They hide the beautiful flowers that you have planted in your garden and eat away all the nutrition that you have introduced to the soil for good cultivation of your crops.

Well, weed killer is the answer to all your problems stated above. But many times we are worried about how to choose the best weed killer for your home garden so that you do not cause any harm to your plants or contaminate your garden soil.

Here are few things, which can help you to choose your weed killer well.

  1. Go Organic

There are various organic methods available to treat your weed related problem for your home gardens. The organic weeds may be composed of fatty acids, vinegar, and essential oils. They preferably treat the unwanted weed without messing up the ecosystem of your home garden.

These organic weed killer options are easily available at your nearest retailer or home and garden centers. You can very well use acidic vinegar to get rid of weed easily. You would require at least eight percent acidic vinegar to effectively treat the weeds in your home garden. Sometimes, we may have to use the acidic vinegar more than one time to treat weed completely.

You can also use the steam to get rid of the weed. There is various handheld steam dispensers available in the market which can be used to treat weed related problems in your garden area.

  1. Manual Pulling Options

The weed can be treated well by manual pulling options as well. Most simple way is to pull the weed with your hands. This method is useful if your garden is not that big and you can find yourself or with the help of some gardener can make your garden weed free.

Next, there are various manual pulling tools available in the market which you can use to get rid of weeds in your garden. You can do an in depth search on various manual weed remover available in the market over the internet. Not only their specification must you also check out weed killer reviews before you buy one. You must identify the one that best suits you and your purpose and makes an investment.

  1. Type of Herbicides

Before finding a solution, it’s very important to identify the problem. Hence you must know your problem and can take appropriate action to kind of weed in its specific way.

Below are various kinds of weed you may encounter in your home garden:

  • Dandelions
  • Chickweed
  • Plantain
  • Stinging Nettles
  • Purslane
  • Clover
  1. Cover them until they are Dead

Most weed cannot last long when they are not exposed to sunlight for an extended period. One effective way to get rid of weeds is to cover them to stop them from being exposed to natural sunlight. You can use layers of the newspaper of pine leaves to cover them up. Once covered, leave them for about a week, and you will see that they are dead naturally without harming your other plants.

  1. Burn Them

You can take a flame and run it over the area which is affected by the weed. They will lose all their internal moisture to the heat of the flame and will die naturally in few days. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of weed as you don’t even have to clean your garden later. The weed shrivels into the smoke and voila you have a weed free garden.

  1. Solarize your Garden in Advance

If you have an empty raw garden, then you can prepare your garden to be weed free in advance. Buy some thin plastic sheets mostly available at garden shops. Plow your garden well. Dig a trench along the sides of your garden. Now lay the plastic sheet over your garden bed. Fill the trench with soil so that plastic is well set on the garden bed and do not move or blow away.

Leave it there for four to six weeks. The moisture and heat will help build a healthier garden bed for your plantation with fewer weeds.

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