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How to Give Your Loved One Support When They’re Going Through a Divorce

No matter the circumstances, divorces are always tough. The process is often long and painful, adding acrimony and legal maneuverings to a romantic catastrophe. When your loved ones are going through a divorce, it’s important that you stand with them and provide support. Follow these five tips to ensure you’re the best ally you can be.

Invite the Person Out

Too much alone time will only add to a person’s grief. You don’t want to smother them, but regular invitations are a good idea. Make sure they know you’re there for them and happy to help take their mind off the divorce. Feeling love and connection can do wonders for someone’s mental health while going through a big life change.

Be a Good Listener

When someone’s going through a divorce (or any rocky patch, for that matter), they need a sympathetic ear more than unsolicited advice. Don’t go rambling on about the ins and outs of the legal proceedings. That’s the job of the divorce lawyers. Instead, let your loved one share their thoughts and feelings on their own terms. If you’re having a hard time listening to certain aspects of your friend’s divorce, suggest they talk to a therapist. Sometimes there are issues that are better left to professionals to treat and give advice for. You will need to also make sure you take care of your mental health during this time and set healthy boundaries.

Help With Day-to-Day Chores

Recent divorcees have a lot on their plates, from adjusting to a massive shift in their lives to dealing with the onslaught of meetings and appointments. What’s more, they have to cope with all this alone, having just lost the spouse they used to rely on for support. By offering to babysit, do the laundry, and drive kids to soccer practice, you can really help take the load off. Your loved one might even need help learning how to do certain tasks around the home that their partner took charge of. Having someone still there to offer help and support will take stress off their day to day life.

Supply Comfort Food

Cooking is often the last thing on a recent-divorcee’s mind. Some people might even become so stressed that they practically stop eating altogether. Make sure your loved one stays well-fed by dropping by with the occasional meal. Not only will they appreciate the gesture, but their favorite comfort foods could also make them feel a whole lot better.

Help With Any Moves

If your loved one has to move out of their house because of their divorce, then they’re going to be even more stressed and behind the eight ball. Volunteer your time for packing, cleaning, and figuring out logistics. Not only will this lessen their workload, but it could also make the moving process a little less emotionally-taxing.

Loved ones count on our support, especially when they’re going through a challenging process like a divorce and building a new life for themselves. Keep these tips in mind if you want to be there for your family member or friend. You can scarcely imagine how much they’ll appreciate it.

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