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How to Keep Your Prostrate Healthy

Mens prostate, located under the bladder is the organ of the body that produces semen. This little area of the male body is the second most common area that men can develop cancer and this risk of prostate cancer increases with age. Therefore it is incredibly important for men to be mindful of maintaining a healthy prostate and here are some simple tips on how to do just that.

Red Foods

Watermelon, peppers, tomatoes and other red foods all have something in common. They are all red due to an antioxidant called lycopene. Scientific research has revealed that the consumption of lycopene in red coloured fruits can lower the risk of prostate cancer.

The redder the better, so make sure you buy your tomatoes ripe and red to ensure the maximum amount of lycopene. It has also been revealed that cooking tomatoes also makes the lycopene easier to digest and be absorbed into the body.

Stock Up On Green Veg

There have been a whole host of studies linking junk food to poor health and the release of damaging chemicals in the body. Nutritionists will all tell us the benefits of avoiding fatty foods and instead buying fresh fruit and vegetables and really this is nothing new to us. However when it comes to looking after your prostate green vegetables are incredibly powerful. Green vegetables contain compounds, that allow your body to break down cancer causing substances called carcinogens. Therefore getting your 5-a-day of green vegetables is a really great way to help keep your prostrate healthy.

The Strength of Omega 3

Regularly eating fish has also be proven to keep your body strong and fighting against cancerous cells. Fatty acid, otherwise known as omega 3 has been found to slow down the development and growth of cancer cells in the prostate. Omega 3, which is found in salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel and trout is a top cancer fighting oil that helps not only prevents a wide range of illnesses and cancers but also aids cognitive function, intelligence and memory. It’s one of those amazing superfoods that ticks all the right boxes, so it should definitely be a regular staple food in your weekly diet.

Get Sipping Green Tea

A surprising new discovery in the fight against prostate cancer is that men who drink green tea have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer than those who don’t. With green tea in so many delicious flavours there’s really no excuse not to enjoy a mug or two a day of this body boosting drink. For those of you who don’t enjoy the taste there are now a wide range of green tea supplements that you can take that will also work well.

Stop Feeling Guilty About That Morning Cup of Coffee

We are told so many confusing, opposing views and reports about the health effects of coffee. But when it comes to the health of your prostate it definitely comes out on top. Extensive research has revealed that this energy boosting drink is linked to a decreased risk of prostate cancer.

Apparently every three cups of coffee that you drink can significantly reduce your risk of fatal prostate cancer by over 10%. This research is related to a ‘dose-response’ effect however, which means that the health of the prostate fluctuates depending on the amount of coffee you are consuming. It is also worth adding however, that excessive consumption of coffee can cause other health problem so make sure you stick to the ‘everything in moderation’ rule of thumb.

Understanding Good Vs Bad Fats

We used to just think that all fats were as bad as each other, but with so much scientific research going into nutrition, we all now know better. We are becoming incredibly well educated about the minerals and vitamins of what we put into our bodies and the benefits that they bring to our health. Animal fats found in butter and cheese, for example, have been suggested to increase the risk of prostate cancer. So look at ways of cutting these out of your diet and Instead look at adding healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and coconut oil.

Regular Checks

The older you get the more frequently you should be getting your prostate checked. This is certainly one of the most intrusive tests that men have to get which is why many men tend to want to put this test off for as long as possible. It really is incredibly important to not fall into this trap of dreading the test and missing your scheduled check-ups. Delaying these prostate checks will increase your chances of any abnormal tissue going undetected and the longer it is left, the more difficult it can be to treat. So this test, just a few seconds of slight discomfort, is truly one of the most important tests you can have. Find out more information about the screening process at:

Modern Day Treatment

Should your doctor find any abnormal tissue in your prostrate try not to panic. There is some really amazing new developments in medical technology nowadays for the treatment of prostate cancer. HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) is proving revolutionary in the treatment of prostate cancer and works by using ultrasound waves to heat up the targeted tissue to the point where the cancerous cells can no longer survive. You can find more information on this new treatment on the following website:

With all the above in mind, now is the time to really put time and research into our diet and the food we consume, in order to keep our bodies, strong, fit and fighting diseases and prostrate cancer. With new scientific research being revealed on a regular basis we have never been better informed on how we can look after ourselves and keep illness at bay. So keep looking into ways that you can improve your diet and stay healthy in an active way to help ward off future illnesses and disease.

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