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How to Master the Key Fashion Trends of 2012

Saying Goodbye To Summer

Despite it’s being summer, men interested in fashion will already be gearing up to embrace the top trends on offer this winter. With bright and bold contrasts and pastel colors having been one of the top trends for summer, how will fashion for men evolve in the coming months?

An Autumnal Feel

The biggest characteristic of fashion for men this autumn and winter is that the colors match the natural world. There are many colors, browns, reds, and yellows which will feature heavily, as well as colors we associate with winter such as blues and greys.

These can be worn either separately or in combination to create a wide range of unique looks for men and create a superb appearance at all times.Men's Fashion 2012

Classic Trends

One of the more focused looks for the end of this year will combine neutral colors with greys and browns, particularly when it comes to formal tailoring. The best combinations for fashion conscious men will be to use different shades of brown and tan to create an elegant look on both the casual and the formal front.

Continuing Contrasts

Contrast trends carry over from the summer, however whereas the hotter months were all about bright colors, the end of the year is looking more at distinct, aggressive shades, such as blues and greys. Grey and blue shades together can deliver subtle yet striking contrasts for a classic look. Perhaps, the most notable thing about these colors is that it bridges smart to casual very well, with many items fitting nicely into both categories.

Autumn Feelings

As we mentioned earlier, some of the biggest trends will be built around utilizing typically autumnal colors such as reds, yellows, and browns. The focus here is clearly on the way in which layers are utilized effectively throughout an outfit, and by using different colors for each garment. Try a red jumper with heavy brown coat and mastered scarf for a distinct autumnal appearance this year. Finish off the look with a warm wool hat, and do not forget that sunglasses still look great in the winter sun! Sunglasses on a sunny yet cold day are where it is at when it comes to fashion in the latter part of the year.

Begin to explore the possibilities for autumn and winter outfits now. The most fashionable men will already be hitting the shops and beginning to put together their definitive looks, ensure you do not get left behind.

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