How to Realistically Make a House the Home of Your Dreams

A home means many things to many different people. A home doesn’t have to be a place. It doesn’t have to be a building. A home can be a heart. A home can be a person or an animal. A home can be a thought or an idea. A home can be a song. A home can be a belief in God. A home is anything your heart makes it. To limit the things in which a person can find their home is essentially to limit love. If your heart loves something, that something is a part of home.

With this being said, when you have a physical house and you’re searching for a way to make it home, what does that look like? That’s a loaded question, but here are some ideas on how to realistically make a house the home of your dreams:

Build the Foundation

Whether you’re starting from the ground up or remodeling a preexisting structure, it’s important that the building that will become your home has a great foundation on which to start. Get yourself somebody to take care of the details, express to them your vision, and watch as walls start getting put up and you get closer to your dream home as the days fly by.

Dreams Home

Don’t neglect the things you really want. If you’ve dreamed of hardwood and granite countertops, make it happen. Home is where you feel comfortable and get to see the desires of your heart come true.

Display the Personal Stuff

One popular saying is that home is where your stuff is. If you want to make a physical structure feel like home, you have to personalize it. This means it’s okay to break out the photo albums and tack stuff to the walls and do whatever you need to do to make the walls of the place in which you’re living display your heart.

When you live in a college dorm or you’re in and out of apartments that don’t let you personalize the walls through paint or other personal expression, it makes making that place feel like home almost impossible. Home is about expressing yourself. That much is necessary. That’s where you have to get creative.

Invite People In

Lastly, a home is about people. If you live alone, a house can still be home and a town can still be home, but when the people who made it home move away or aren’t present, is it still home? When you move away because of a job or school, you want to come back because home is where the people you care about are. If you aim to make the house you’re living in now a home that draws your heart in, it’s about inviting people in and making it something special.

Have family over. Have friends over, often. Be hospitable and let everybody who comes to your door know that your home is their home. Be intentional. If you do these things, you’ll be able to make any place home.

By follow these point you find your dream home easily.


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