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How to transform shipping container into a living area

One of the most intriguing architectural ideas for a new home I found about recently is a modified shipping container. Yes, you read it right, a shipping container. I know, your first impression is similar to mine: cold, claustrophobic, stifling, alienated, and the list goes on. Well, you (me) could not be more wrong. With a clever, carefully thought through and craftily performed transformation, a shipping container can be turned into a beautiful, multipurpose living area that is equal on all levels, architectural, functional and aesthetic to any other type of house. . Also, you can buy one for cheap. Please, read the following lines carefully and you will gain a full picture of the residential possibilities of shipping containers. A step by step approach is the best way to go.

Outdoor guest room

Since shipping containers are made of metal, isolating them is a necessary step. At the same time, install all the required electrical installation and plumbing. Painting the walls is what follows. When you are done, your new living area will gain warmth and start building that home atmosphere. Depending on the size and number of containers you will use, a container can be turned into a complete house or a single room with a specific purpose. This is the tread we will stick to and continue with the presentation of single room concept.

This would be an ideal bedroom for your teenagers. Completely separated from the main house, giving them a feeling of independence and yet, still in your yard and within sight and reach. You can turn a couple of panes into a door and windows, equip it with suitable bedroom furniture and the work is done, both you and the kids pleased.

Outdoor guest house

Again, isolated from the rest of the house makes this room an ideal study. No phone, no TV or other distractors, just your desk, books and an internet connection so that you could fully explore the benefits of a quiet environment. When it comes to doors and windows, in thisl case the more the marrier. Use all the natural light you can get, turn the entire side into a sliding door or a window. Once more, it is easy to furnish, preserve all the space you can and put in only what is really necessary.

This would be my favourite. I have always dreamed about a room dedicated solely to music, both listening and creating. Once more, a lot of natural light, to enjoy myself under both sun and the moon, depending on the occasion. What you need is a stereo system, your musical instrument, shelves for music media of choice and a comfortable armchair to rest in.

Naturally, these are only a couple of ideas how to use shipping containers as a living area. Other purposes are equally implementable. Furthermore, a whole house made of shipping containers is also a great topic, which will be discussed in the near future.


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