How toconfirmthat you haveboughtthe Perfect Electric Razor?

You live in a time when almost every day-to-day work, even shaving is now automated to keep pace with the everyday mad rush. There was a time when electric razors where somewhat heavy, uncomfortable to hold and available in a very few models. But now, there are just too many options that might make you spoilt for choices. When you need to don that suave look that creates a lingering impression, then electric razor is what you should have.

Here are the pointers that you need to focus son before boiling down your buying options.

 Plug-in vs. Corded Shavers

 When it comes to power consumption, you will find electric razors for men in three different types. There are battery-operated (like AA batteries) option, as well as plug-in chargers and corded types. Plug-in modes are what you see in most of the new-age razors. You have to fully charge these units before using. Battery-run razors are not power efficient. Hence, it is not fit for everyday use. However, they are ideal shaving-mates when you are travelling. Again, corded shavers are not something convenient. You can find very few manufacturers designing or selling them these days.

Wetor Dry Shavers

 When you are in a real hurry, you would like to do a quick shaving while in the shower. It is easy to shave when the skin is wet, as moisture helps to make your hair soft. You will also like a ‘wet’ shave with shaving gels and cream, especially if you have developed acne, or have a sensitive skin. In such cases a wet electric shaver serves your needs perfectly.

However, there might be emergency situations, where you have just a couple of minutes left to shave and attend a meeting. And there should be no mess while you shave yourself. A dry shaver can come to your rescue under such situations.

Considering the various shaving needs, it is imperative for you to look for a versatile unit. Ideally, go for a dry/wet shaver so that you can use it just anywhere- from under the shower to your office.

Replacement Matters

Quite like your good old blade-and-blade holder razors, even electric razorsneeds to be replaced periodically. With continuous use, the blades and the foil of the shaver tends to wear out. So it is important for you to replace them at least once in a year. Before you zero in on to just any unit, inquire with the manufacturer whether they can provide you with duplicate blades, foils and rotary heads for replacement. Moreover, remember that costly shavers can be quite an investment, because their replacement parts are also going to be expensive. So considering your budget is also essential.

The bottom line is, no matter what the geek-gurus say about choosing an electric razor; make sure that you lay more emphasis on your individual choice and preference. You might not need a unit that comes with too many technical specifications. All that matters is an ergonomically designed product that gives you a comfortable shave. A number of online stores can show you some excellent buying options in this regard.

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