How You Can Determine if You Really Need a Contract Packing Service

Contract packagers are more common than ever today, and contract packing services have become more in-demand as retailers and businesses see the need for an efficient packaging partner to help them grow. A contract packaging company can provide you with the proper packaging services you need, which can include services such as shrink wrapping, blister packaging, the design of cardboard packaging, liquid packaging and dispensing, military-grade packing, sterilisation, and a lot more.

What a contract packaging service can do for you

Apart from packaging, a contract packing partner can provide you with the design for cost-effective and attractive packaging as well. In general, a good contract packaging provider will have experience with different kinds of packaging and offer you a variety of solutions and variations on packaging plans. Contract packing services have proven to be of major benefit to sectors like bulk manufacturing, OEM or original equipment manufacturing, freightliner cargo shipping, and industrial equipment packaging.

If you would like to do a test run for a product, are in the midst of developing a product, or would like to do a short production run, a contract packaging service can give you a tremendous advantage as well. But the big question is, how can you determine if you really need a contract packing service? Let’s find out.

When do you need a contract packaging company?

Here’s how you can best determine if you need a contract packaging service:

  • If you are not sufficiently equipped to handle your packaging needs and requirements and you do not plan on implementing your own packaging system or process in the near future.
  • If you have a product that could do with new packaging, but you currently don’t have the right packaging solution or system in your own manufacturing line.
  • If it is more cost-efficient for you to ship your components or parts to another packaging location which is near a point of distribution or sale.
  • If your existing packaging line or system is already at capacity or your existing packaging line is already being utilised for another product.
  • If you have a product that has specific or particular regulatory needs or requirements.
  • If your product, as well as its packaging process, is designed for a simple short run, and you don’t want to make an investment in new equipment or in-house employees or staff.
  • If your company is in the middle of a downsizing operation and you don’t have the available personnel to handle your packaging projects and processes.

Choosing a partner

If you have said yes to any, most, or all of the criteria above, then you can definitely benefit from a contract packaging company. But before choosing any partner for contract packaging, you need to define exactly what you need. It would also help if you can assess the contract packaging service in regard to their expertise, their equipment, their location, and other factors. When it comes to their expertise, you need a partner who has the right knowledge as well as experience so it can meet your specific needs. If you can, review the portfolio of your prospective contract packaging partner and confer with other customers who have already made use of their service.

You should also think about their equipment. Various products will have various packaging requirements, and you should consider selecting a partner who has the proper equipment as well as facilities to handle your specific project needs. The location is another important factor, so it would be good if you can consider the facilities of a prospective partner which is as close to your own facilities as possible. It may, however, be in your best interest if you have a partner located in a wholly different area if it costs less for you to ship your products from that area.

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