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If Inner Child Scars Are Left Untreated?

Caroline was very attached to her father since she was a little girl. Her mother and she never got along very well but her dad was her best friend. She used to call him by his name, Hal. Even though he was her step father, he would never make her feel so. He would bring her treats and listen to her chatter about school and friends while her mother lived in a cocoon.

On her thirteenth birthday, after the party when everything was over and all of her friends had gone home, her dad came to her room. Before she could understand anything he was on top of her, crushing her against the bed. He tore away her dress and forced himself inside her. She was crying out of pain and asked him to let go of her but he wouldn’t listen. When he was done, he told her not to tell any of this to her mom otherwise he would leave her. Caroline knew how much her mother loved Hal and how broken she would be if he left her, so for her mother’s sake she kept quiet.

Her mother remained blind towards her. She wouldn’t notice anything unusual in her behavior, in the way she would bark back at her dad or how she would lock herself in her room. She didn’t care enough to ask Caroline if there was something wrong. While all this time the poor girl would be raped by her step father now and then. She found her escape when she went to college but all that physical abuse made her withdraw herself from everybody around her. She didn’t trust anyone and wasn’t very social. She built a wall around her that nobody could abolish.

Caroline’s case isn’t very rare. Such things happen to a lot of girls and it mars their inner child forever. What was the mistake of that poor little girl who suffered so much at the hands of her father? So much mental and physical agony while her mother remained completely ignorant of it.

There are some techniques which would help you heal your inner child.

Techniques to heal inner child:

  • Give voice to your inner child: Give voice to the trauma that little child inside you went through. You can do this by keeping a journal about how and what all you felt when you were wronged. You can also try writing with your left hand if you’re a righty or vice versa. The other hand could be just for expressing the feelings of that wrecked child. Once that pain has been given voice, release it. Let go of it and console that scared child within you. Don’t live with your past burdens, throw away that heavy emotional baggage and feel free.
  • Meditation:  Meditation could be a big help in the healing process. When you meditate you automatically let go of your grudges, shame, guilt and grief by embracing and understanding it. Take out fifteen minutes every morning, find a peaceful spot and meditate. Try connecting with your inner child and understand it. By continuing this for some days you’ll automatically liberate your inner child.

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