Important Stages in Life when You Need Relationship Counselling!

Human being as a social animal is always bound by various relationships. These make you the person you are, and are vital for you to stay happy and motivated in life. But sometimes these can turn sour, and gradually transforms into reasons for depression and frustration. This is when your relationships become weak, and too feeble to stand on its own. This calls for the need to opt for relationship counselling.

Relationship counselling is basically a psychological therapy wherein you consult an expert therapist, like highly qualified professionals from Therapia Psychology for relationship counselling in Adelaide.  They help you to overcome the incompatibility and negativity, and lead you gradually to solve the issue that is eating up your relationship. This counselling works as a magic to bind two people who were perhaps once close, but can no longer see eye to eye. The aim is to give vent to all their repressed emotions and issues, and bring about a fresh start to their relationship. 

The Times when Relationship Counselling Becomes Important! 

Though there are ups and downs in every relationship, but sometimes the resentment and offensive feelings overcome the sweetness of the bond, and you just want to break free from all the ties. This is the time when no logic or reasoning succeeds in bringing back that original bonding again. This is when relationship counselling comes to the picture. Do read about the various stages in your relations when you may need a relationship counsellor in your life.

  • Premarital Counselling The period before a marriage can become very intimidating. Some even call it pre marriage frustration. It’s all because you are suddenly going to be committed in a legal, sacred relationship. There are loads of adjustments on the cards, and lots of duties to be shared. This is the time when romance takes a backseat, and a basket of expectations come to the forefront. This idea can often lead to unending discussions between a couple and may even initiate a “near- to breakup” scenario. This the time when relationship counselling helps you overcome all your fears about the role changes. The psychologists also perform some sessions wherein the couple can discuss their issues in detail and can sort it out with the help and guidance of the therapists.
  • Marriage Counselling There can be relationships which start with lots of zest and zeal, but simply fizzle out midway. There has been a tremendous increase in the rate of divorce recently all across the world due to all sorts of reasons. Marriage counselling can help reverse the scenario. The counsellors here tend to find out the reasons why the marriage has come to an edge. Further, couples are told to relax and unwind. After such soul searching sessions many couples have found that the bonding between the spouses has strengthened remarkably.
  • Pregnancy and Parenting Counselling — Parenting is the toughest job in the world. There is no rule book, and everyone seems to have some advice for you. The journey often makes you exhausted. This even strains the relationship of the parents because of not giving proper attention and time to each other. Consequently, the fabric of family gets crumpled. This calls for relationship counselling for the parents to understand their duties as a parent better, ways of understanding child psyche and tips to handle various situations, and not let the entire hullabaloo impact their marriage negatively.
  • Family Blending Issues Calling for Counselling There are times when you may have to live with the spouse’s parents or extended family members. Or, if you marry someone divorced or widowed with a child or children, who would start living with you, such situations may affect your privacy largely. There can also be an increase in the duties and adjustments which often make the couple frustrated, and unable to cope. Going for counselling at this time helps you blend properly with the family or figure a way out of the tangle without making a mess.
  • Post Divorce Counselling A divorce is always a bitter journey from a marriage gone sour to the pungent proceedings of separation. It takes months or sometimes years to overcome its aftermaths. A post divorce counselling always helps to overcome this depression, negate all inhibitions, and free up your mind to turn a new leaf over.
  • Other Relationships Needing Counselling There are various other relationships we share with people — like siblings, friends, colleagues, parents and in laws. Whenever human emotions are involved, there’s a chance of friction. You need an expert therapist to clear the air, and help you view and accept these relationships from a better perspective.

 All kinds of relationships that are facing issues cause hurt, resentment, offence, hatred – in a nutshell, so much negativity. Don’t let these negative feelings finish your lovely relationships. Bottled up anger and pent up emotions may cause outbursts that could ruin relationships forever in a snap. Take control of the situation and get some help from the counsellors before it’s too late. 

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