Information Modern Design is Embracing Black

When it comes to modern trends in interior design, experts agree, black is back. White has dominated Modern interior design, but darker features have been challenging its role. Adding black to your home décor can take your design up a notch. Interested in working with black interior design but afraid to take the plunge? Read on for some tips and advice on incorporating black in your home.

Blending Black into Modern Design

What are some general things to keep in mind when working with black in interior design? Use the color as a focal point for your room. Black creates a statement that is both dramatic and orderly. Adding black features to your space can pull your room together.

Black has regained popularity in modern design due to its versatility. You can style and interpret black in many ways – masculine, feminine, romantic, chic, even “Hollywood glam.” Using black as an anchor for your room’s interior design scheme keeps your options open, giving you a solid base to work from.

Repetition throughout the Space

Experts in modern home décor emphasize repetition when using black accents. One black piece in a room can be striking enough, but add more to really make an impression. Black picture frames by themselves already make a statement. When you pair them with a black end table or black sofa, though, you create a much more sophisticated look. The interior design specialists at San Francisco Design advise to “Add in various black accessories so that the color feels deliberate and professional.”

How to Work with Black Walls

When it comes to black walls, many people seemed to adhere to the old design adage – black walls make a space smaller. Trends in modern design, however, show that black walls can do just the opposite. Complement black walls with lighter accent pieces. Offset a black wall with white crown molding, for example. The stark contrast will help to open the room rather than close it in. Add some personality with other bright colors, like pink or orange. The styles you can create with a black wall are practically limitless. 

Black Flooring

Black floors, much like black walls, can have a striking effect. They also serve as a base for your room’s design, allowing you to add complementary pieces. Again, contrasting with white or light colors in the rest of the space is the key to keeping the black floor from overwhelming. Black flooring can work especially well as tiles in your bathroom. White fixtures like a vanity, shower, or even white tiles on the walls will make the room feel elegant and refined. If you want to try out the concept before committing to an all-black floor, put a black or black-and-white rug down to see how you like it. 

Accentuate with White or Lighter Colors

Featuring black has become a modern design trend, but another style to experiment with is pairing black and white. Go beyond using white as a foil for your black pieces – incorporate them into your interior design equally. Pair white walls with dark wood picture frames, or opt for a charcoal rug. You can also add a black and white striped bed skirt to a bed with crisp, white linens. Take the color contrast into your dining room with black and white china, or white china with a black tablecloth. You’ll also want to stick to fabrics that have black and white patterns, then add black furniture or accent pieces. 

Black Finishes Always Look Elegant

Black iron for faucets, knobs, and handles is another popular use for black in modern home décor. Metal finishes always look sophisticated, too, but black creates a stunning effect. You can also find black iron pieces used as a dining room table base, candlesticks, or bookends. These sorts of accents are easy to find right now, as black iron is a current favorite in interior design.

Choose Black for a Modern Design

Black can be incorporated into your home design in many ways – it’s all about using it properly. With these tips on how to make the color work for you, you can add black to your interiors and take your design to the next level.

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