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Ingredients of Love – What Love is Made of

When we enter adolescence, we like to be with someone opposite to our sex. This is very natural. A boy will get friendlier with a girl and vice versa. Then this feeling escalates to a sublime emotion, which we like to call ‘Love’. However, few are aware of true love in life. Whenever a girl and a boy begin liking each other, they name it Love’. But love is not just liking each other or being together for a short or long time. It is a commitment and a sense of responsibility towards love. I am talking about love, which resides amidst a couple and which may end up with both of them getting married. However, love too cannot stand without some criteria. I would try to put them in a nutshell.


This is the base of any relationship and when it comes to love relationship, it matters the most. If you don’t trust your beloved, there is little chance for your love to survive. Lack of mutual trust begets suspicion towards each other and spoils the relationship altogether. The relation then becomes very suffocating and you try to find ways to escape. This is unfortunate but true.


Only trust cannot guarantee good love. If you love someone very much but, at the same time, do not miss chances to degrade him/her at the drop of a hat, you do not love that person unconditionally. This implies that you are dominating and too much possessive in nature. Individual liberty suffers in such relationship. We must respect each other’s feelings and give space to each other as well.


In love should also remain honesty between the couple. One must avoid hiding anything to other. This makes the relationship smooth and well running. If you make any mistake, you better disclose it to your beloved. This will enhance the intimacy of love and thereby, fortify the relationship.


It is a saying that a girl requires care from a man and the man should care for her. This is true. Girls are delicate in emotions and they need more caring. But this must be reciprocal. Both the couple ought to care for each other. Love runs peacefully when a couple is very much caring and obeying to each other. It really works.


Without being responsible for a relationship, you cannot expect love to go farther. It is not up to the wife or girlfriend to look after the relationship, her marriage, her family, kids and so on. Man cannot shrug them off saying that this is not manly. Cooking is for wives and earning is for hubbies. This sounds biased. In a relationship, both are equal and must be responsible towards the relationship in every aspect of it.


I guess, this is one of the most significant aspects of love. Sex plays a very enduring and bonding foundation for love. Without sex in a couple for whatsoever reasons, love can stand but cannot move. It will become static and hence, very boring. The life will pinch you then. Sex also boosts responsibility, care, and trust between couples. It allows us to become intimate; to love each other more; to know and understand each other’s needs better and to live a life without much of stress. Remember, where there is love, there will be sex, where there is sex, there may not be necessarily love. So, have sex when you are in love only.

In fine, I would say that it may be easy to fall in love but it takes a lot to stay in love. We should be faithful to this relationship at all events. It is such a nice feeling to cherish. It diminishes any ego issues prevailing in any person. So, make love conscientiously and enjoy it to the most.

Do share you own thoughts on love and any other factors where love can bloom further and run smoothly. I would like to see your opinions on the ingredients I just talked about here.


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  1. Munmun Das

    Nice post Kalyan. Yes, you picked up the true ingredients of love or the pillars of love as can be said. These ingredients with right proportion can bloom any couple’s life. Thanks for the knowledgeable post and keep going like this.

  2. Nice post…but sometimes honesty doesn’t work if your partner doesn’t care about you.

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