Is NSI-189 the Best Nootropic for Depression?

-A Brief Overview of NSI-189


In recent years, NSI-189 has attracted global attention from scientific area and become one of the most promising compounds for treating depression. Phase 2 trials had been conducted in 2017. So, does NSI-189 become the most effective nootropic for depression?

Summary of NSI-189

NSI-189, also known as benzylpiperazine-aminopyridine, comes into the medical field as a new orally molecular entity, a new antidepressant and a cognitive booster. In recent years, NSI-189 has been tested for its major use for depression. In addition, it also treats cognitive impairments and brain degeneration. What’s more, it may positively improve specific brain regeneration. As individuals need, Hohance provides high-quality nootropics including aniracetam, piracetam, NSI-189, etc. NSI-189 owns a specific CAS number of 1270138-40-3. You can search it on Hohance as well.

How NSI-189 Works in the Brain

Theoretically speaking, NSI-189 works efficiently to stimulate neurogenesis of human hippocampus-derived neural stem cells. It is speculated that the therapeutic effect of NSI-189 actually comes due to hippocampal volume increasing. NSI-189 activates brain to grow new health cells for neurogenesis progress. As individuals know, it is neurogenesis that plays an important role in learning, emotion, stress, memory, depression and other conditions. For its neurogenesis benefits, NSI-189 is regarded as a new antidepressant for depression.

How NSI-189 Helps in Treating Depression

According to the results of World Health Organization (WHO), there are 300 million people around the world suffering from depression. It is believed that pressure might be the cause of depression. Individuals are under multiple stresses from their jobs, housing loans, auto-mobile loans, children education, etc.

In the brain, hippocampal cells are rather sensitive to stress. Once stress occurs to the hippocampal cells, decreased neurogenesis comes along. The fact that neurogenesis may be strongly linked to MDD-major depressive disorder. Sometimes continuous stress tends to be ignored, then bad cycling of the depression symptoms may get worse and worse attributing to the decreased neurogenesis.

On the basis of observed experimental results, NSI-189 is supposed to lead a neurogenesis growth in human beings’ hippocampus. Actually, it enables to increase hippocampal volume by ~5% through neurogenesis. Thus, the neurogenesis of human hippocampus-derived neural stem cells come back to a balance stimulation. This is how NSI-189 handles depression.

Comparison between Traditional SSRIs and NSI-189

As a common and traditional antidepressant, SSRIs-selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors primarily create the increase of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin is one of the chemical neurotransmitters which carry signals among brain cells. SSRIs tend to block the reabsorption of serotonin, freeing more serotonin available. This is their primary mechanism of action. In most cases, doctors prescribe SSRI for a few weeks or a month. Patients take it regularly to reach optimum efficacy eventually.

By contrast, NSI-189 stimulates brain to grow healthy cells at a faster rate than unusual. This means that NSI-189 could potentially repair damaged or missing brain cells. Because depression mainly appears with decreasing neurogenesis in hippocampus. According to Neuralstem’s brain slice assay, NSI-189 can directly and powerfully boost brain functions in a few hours. It shows that NSI-189 triggers a specific molecular pathway within hours and its effect is cumulative.

Side Effects from NSI-189

No antidepressant benefits without any side effect, neither does NSI-189. In terms of its adverse effects, that may include dry mouth, palpitations, headaches, dizziness, sleepiness, fatigue, restlessness, poor quality of sleep, nightmares, insomnia, hyperthermia, nausea, skin pain, etc. When severe symptoms occur, maybe you should reduce the dosage. Undoubtedly, patients should be clear about what they are going to risk. For sake of their health, they are supposed to consult with their healthcare providers in the first place.

What else NSI-189 can Help

It is the fact that hippocampus also handles mood and consolidation of information from short-term to long-term memory. It indicates that not only is NSI-189 helpful for depression, but also NSI-189 could be used as a nootropic to improve cognition and memory.

What more, in oxygen-deficit stroke, NSI-189 may enhance motor function and hippocampal deficits owing to the following increasing of neurotrophic factors like VEGF, BDNF, GDNF, and SCF.

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