Is Your Partner Your Twinflame or a Mere Soulmate?

People come in and out of our lives all the time. Some we only meet in passing or have mindless conversations with over the water cooler. Others, we form strong connections with that seem to go beyond normal interaction. When we have these deep connections with someone, we often find ourselves questioning whether that person was brought into our lives for a higher purpose.

If you have inkling that your partner is more than just another fling, you’re probably not wrong. The universe brings people into our lives for many different reasons. They can bring us soulmates who teach us important life lessons, or twin flames that burn alongside us till the end. Learning the difference between these two things can be difficult, but love psychic readings are a good way to learn the true meaning of your relationship. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the different reasons people can come into our lives.

What is a soulmate?
First of all, let’s get this straight. A common misconception is that a soulmate is someone who we are destined to be with forever. In actual fact, a soulmate can come into our lives for many reasons, and can leave our lives just as quickly. They hold a strong connection while they are in our presence because this connection is guided by the universe, but they are still prone to leaving, and this is something we cannot change, and must accept.

Soulmates canteach us important life lessons
The universe brings teachers into our lives when we least expect it. These people can be family members, friends, even acquaintances or enemies. The relationships we form with these people, whether they be for a long time, or only briefly, serve the higher purpose of helping us to learn an important lesson.

Our parents are a huge part of our lives at the start of it, and they help to teach us right from wrong and how to walk and talk. Similarly, the people that enter our lives all the way throughout it can be there to teach us lessons. This can be in the form of friction within relationships, or a need to develop a greater understanding of something in order for the relationship to continue. Each one of these relationships teaches us a new thing, and ultimately makes us better people in the next relationship we enter.

Soulmates can share our joys
Life would be boring without companions to share our wins with. Some people simply come into our lives for this reason. These are the people who are there for the happy times—they have similar egos to us, and are excited by the same things. These people make great friends or short but powerful relationships, as they can be happy for us and will always be on the same buzz as us. As we grow and change, we tend to outgrow these people, and so they never stick around for very long.

Soulmates can strengthen us as individuals
Not all relationships are good, we can experience strong, soulmate level relationships that end in pain and trauma. These relationships may hurt at the time, but the universe has brought them into our lives to help us to strengthen ourselves. We all know the feeling of having to get back on our feet after a painful breakup—the one we thought was our true partner actually ended up hurting us more than anyone.

The universe knows that we have the capabilities to move past these painful experiences, and so they can be sent to us as a kind of test. As cruel as it seems, we often come out of it to rise higher than ever, and we would not be the same person without all of these life experiences.

Twinflames serve as our other half
These are the only relationships mentioned that are not soulmate relationships. These are in fact known as Twin Flame relationships, and they come in the form of healthy, harmonious relationships that last a lifetime. These kinds of relationships are one in a million, and some people never find their true twin flame. It’s hard to distinguish between a twin flame and a soulmate, because at first, they can be very similar, during the ‘honeymoon phase’.

Receiving guidance before you throw yourself into a relationship that you aren’t sure about can be incredibly beneficial so that you can avoid making mistakes. Talking to a psychic can give you an outside perspective with knowledge from the universe about your current situation.

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