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Kids And Sleep: How To Make Bedtime Easier On Everyone

As most parents know, kids and bedtime just don’t go together. Trying to persuade kids to go to bed can be a nightmare. And just because you have managed to get them in bed doesn’t mean they will go to sleep straight away! So how exactly do you encourage your kids to get an early night? Here are some of our favorite tips that will make bedtime easier on everyone involved!

Get Into A Habit

It is a good idea to try and build a bedtime routine as early as possible. Once you have done so, try to stick to it rigidly. This will help your child understand that bedtime is coming at a certain time. And once your child knows what time bed is, they will then learn to get sleepy for this time. The most important thing to remember is that you need to create a routine that works for you and your children. Take advice from others, but don’t try to recreate the bedtime routine that your friends use for their kids. It may not work for your child, no matter how hard you try to make it.


Make Their Room Comfy

Every bedroom in your home needs to promote a good night’s sleep. Especially your child’s room. Install blackout blinds so that early morning light won’t disturb their sleep. Their bed also needs to be comfortable as well. When you are shopping for a mattress for their bed, use customer reviews to see what shoppers say about the iComfort Serta. As many children are scared of the dark, it could be useful getting them a nightlight. This softly glows in their room so that they don’t have to try and go to sleep in complete darkness.

Snacks Before Bed

It is important that your child isn’t having any sugary or caffeinated food before bed. This will make it hard for them to fall asleep. However, you should give them a healthy bedtime snack. This makes sure that they sleep through until morning and do not wake up feeling hungry. Some snacks will even help them fall to sleep. We recommend giving your child whole grain cereal or a couple of crackers.


Bedtime Teddies And Blankets

Most young children have security objects with them while they sleep. These are things that help them settle, such as a favorite teddy bear or blanket. Your child will feel safe and secure with their teddy or blanket. As a result, they will find it easier to get to sleep. When you are trying to establish a sleep routine for your child, try to find such an item. Then, when it is bedtime, bring out the item for your child. As they will associate it with bedtime, they will feel sleepy around it and much more willing to go to bed.


Pajamas are incredibly important. They should keep your child warm in bed, but also be loose fitting so that they are comfortable. Generally speaking, dress your child how you would dress yourself for bed.

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