Know your Paints Better! Types of Paints to Adorn your Spaces!

When it comes to decorating homes, colours form an essential part in creating a stunning ambiance. When we think of freshening up the paint of our house, we become adventurous! Sometimes overtly so! Perhaps the plethora of options available in the market make us feel like a kid in the candy shop while choosing the colours for our walls. And because of this, the final outcome is often disastrously contrary to the expectations. We are also inadequately informed about the type of paints available in the markets, the ones that are trending, and ones that suit our requirements. No wonder we often fail to get it right!  

It may sound complicated, but actually it is pretty simple if you apply logic! There are paints of various types available in the market — from blingy glossy finishes to sombre matte veneer, from oil-based ones to water-based ones – the choices are almost never ending! Picking a specific type that suits your wants and needs, is important before contacting the house painters in Auckland. Absolute Plasterboard Services makes sure that the paint and colour you choose are perfectly applied on your walls. But the buck doesn’t stop there. Their experienced house painters give a distinguished look to your home and translate your wish and vision to reality.

Various Types of Paints to Choose from to Add Colour to Your Home!

Before selecting the appropriate hues for your home, it is essential to study the types of paints available. The type of paint you prefer impacts the appearance and longevity of the colours on your walls. Mostly, these would be available in two major types — that is, oil based or water based. The main difference between them in layman’s term is mostly around the time they take to dry up and the final finishing. These are further categorised under the following types:

  • Distemper Paint — it’s basically a decorative paint used since centuries for artistic paintings around the world. But gradually it’s been used as the cheapest option in house painting, especially for outdoors. It’s rough, and almost chalk-like to touch, and has a life of around 4-5 years. You can opt for the same if you are at a rented place or more concerned about durability than looks.
  • Emulsion Paints —If you have kids and pets at home, emulsion paints are the healthiest option for you.  It is a rapidly drying, water-based paint that provides a rich and matte finish to your walls. It is somewhat resistant to moisture, and can be washed or wiped too. Most suitable for indoor paints, it’s less toxic as it releases less VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Enamel Paint — It is a glossy type of paint that takes a little longer to dry, but the final finish is alluring. This is quite resistant to moisture, and is pretty easy to clean, and therefore more durable. What we mostly choose for our home is actually the commonest form of enamel paint, called oil paint. It is shiny, and suits more on door frames and metallic surfaces. But as it is easy to clean and lives longer, you can try applying it on your kitchen walls and wet-room passages.
  • Lustre Paint — As the name suggests, it’s a paint that’s full of shine and glow. It has a sparkling characteristic to it with a Pearl like sheen and finish. Though it’s a kind of enamel paint, but this one is glossier, richer, easier to clean and tough too. Because of its rich finish, it’s also tagged as luxury paint. As it is highly resistant to any kind of fungal growth or moisture (and their effects on it), it lives far longer than the basic enamel paint. Choosing this kind of paint for your living or dining rooms or kids’ room would be just perfect, as the walls in these areas get prone to dirt easily.
  • Texture Paints – Remember the beautiful designer paintings you watched on the walls in famous home and garden TV shows?! That’s what texture paint can do! It’s usually an artistic form of painting – slightly advanced, needs more skills and hence costs a tad bit more! But the results are ravishingly textured walls made with the help of rollers, putty knives, trowels and brushes. These instruments help to get the desired textured patterns on walls. These can be either be water based or oil based, and it’s on you to decide what you would like to see on your walls.
  • Cement Paint — The name says it all! The cement paint is the toughest kind of paint available, as it’s made by mixing some compound of cement in water-based paint. This one is most suitable for your exteriors — like deck, outer walls of the house, patio, etc. as its highly resistant to moisture, weather ravages, harsh treatment and heat.

Now you know the basic formula! Depending on where you need the paint to adorn, you can pick the type. You can also get a swatch test done before the final decision to be double sure of your choice. Still confused? Consult a professional painter for more help and guidance! 


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