Knowledge Guide: What is Plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery are procedures that are performed to restore, repair or reconstruct skin and damaged or missing tissues. Over the years, Plastic surgery procedures have skyrocketed and more and more people are opting for this medical procedure. The main reason why people go for plastic surgery is to improve their appearance or correct a medical situation.

Doctors would also advise plastic surgeries to restore damaged tissues and also to restore the functions of such tissues and organs including the skin. That is the primary aim, there are a couple of secondary aims that people especially women wants to achieve with plastic surgery, some of them includes, reshaping the face, to achieve a prettier appearance.

Don’t confuse plastic surgery with cosmetic surgery because these are two different procedures. Though, cosmetic surgery is closely related to plastic surgery only that it’s used solely to change the appearance of a healthy person. The primary aim of cosmetic surgery is to improve the appearance and get more attractive.

Types of Plastic surgery

There are many types of plastic surgery but the field is broadly categorized as cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. What makes the difference is the use. Reconstructive surgery is mostly used for medical purposes to repair or restore damaged tissues and correct other abnormalities while cosmetic surgery is specifically used to improve the individual appearance.

In simple terms, reconstructive plastic surgery is a medically specified treatment to restore the functionality of different parts of the body. However, reconstructive procedures may also end up improving the appearance of the patient. Yet, the main aim is not to improve the appearance but to make the body perform better.

Examples of reconstructive plastic surgery procedures used to remove webbing from fingers or attached fingers. On the other hand, plastic surgery is not specifically for improving the functionality of any part of the body but to make the patient look better. In simple term, cosmetic surgery is performed on healthy individuals. People may choose to alter the appearance of their forehead, nose and breast. You can learn more about these procedures on this trusted plastic surgeon site, Lexington Plastic Surgery. Lexington Plastic Surgery is at the forefront of innovative technology and artistic procedures for reconstruction.

How are plastic surgeries ranked?

All the plastic surgery cases are ranked on a ladder system. What this means is that they are ranked depending on the risk associated and the likelihood that the surgery may bring additional health problems. In simple terms, some simple operations like removing scars or closing a wound appear at the bottom of the ladder.

When is plastic surgery used?

There are many situations when plastic surgery is necessary. During the First World War, plastic surgery was used to restore the appearance of as many soldiers who had scars and damaged tissues from bullets and explosives. Today, plastic surgery is used to:

  • Repair abnormalities caused by injuries or genetics. If someone was injured and the impact of the accident lead to any type of abnormality, then surgeons can perform some measures to correct the situation. If someone was born with any type of abnormality such as palate and cleft lip, birthmarks or webbed fingers, then surgeons can undertake the same procedures to correct the abnormalities.

  • To repair tissues damaged by cancerous cells. If someone had breast cancer or any other type of cancer that led to the removal of cancer affected tissues, then the surgeons would undertake some specific procedures to restore the normal appearance or even to improve the appearance.

  • To restore skin after a burn-When someone has a burnt skin, they would opt for plastic surgery to correct the appearance on the skin.

Is plastic surgery safe?

I can bet with near certainty that you have heard all the negative myths about plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. With all those negative things in your head about plastic surgery, I know you would think that plastic surgery has a lot of risks. As it is the case with any type of surgery, there are many risks with plastic surgery. However that doesn’t stop some celebrities from getting plastic surgery.

Though, the degree of risk will depend on many factors including who is performing the surgery, their qualifications, your health situation and many other factors. The degree of risk will also depend on the area affected and the extent of the damage.

The good news is that some of the risks of plastic surgery are temporary and they are not very serious. Some of them includes:

  • Pain

  • Discomfort

  • Scarring

  • Infection

If you are worried about anything about plastic surgery and the risk, then what you can do is to contact your doctor for advice about the same. Even after undergoing the surgery, it’s always advisable to contact the doctor when you encounter any type of concern while recovering.

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