Leaking Roof? 5 Ways to Make Do until a Repair Company Arrives

A roof leak is one of the most distressing problems a homeowner can experience. Worries about a major repair expense can make it a troubling time. You can take proactive steps to contain the damage while you are waiting for the roofing contractor to arrive. If you act quickly, minimal damage will be caused. A few simple actions will ensure that your problem is contained, with a minimum of damage to your home.

Contact a Repair Company

Roofing problems can be tricky or even dangerous to fix on your own. You have the chance of slipping off and getting badly injured. Unless you have the proper harnesses, equipment, and expertise to repair the leak yourself, you should probably hire a company to fix the problem instead. Roofing companies like Stevens Roofing Corporation can repair the problem promptly and professionally. They’ll make sure that the leak is sealed and any underlying damage or weakness (which could have caused the leak in the first place) is checked and prevented from growing.

Move Items Away From the Leak Area

A leak can be small or large, but the continuous moisture can have a devastating effect on building materials, furniture, clothing and other important items in your home. You should remove these items into a dryer area to prevent moisture damage and mold growth while you wait for the problem to be fixed by a roofing company.

Catch the Water in Buckets or Pans

Roof leaks are not always easy to find, but if you have an obvious leak, you can spread out a tarp and set out plastic buckets or pans to catch the leak. However, you will have to remember to empty these containers periodically to prevent overflows that could damage your flooring. Choose containers that are both large enough to hold a fair amount of water and not too big to carry and empty when they’re full.

Keep the Water from Spreading

Another problem that can occur with a roof leak is the spreading of water beyond the immediately area. This action can cause worsening damage to construction materials, which will result in a more costly repair. If the leak causes a large water stain on the ceiling, poke a hole in the center of the stain to allow the water to fall into a bucket below, to prevent the water from spreading outward. Take care when doing this that you do not cause any structural damage.

Apply a Temporary Patch

In some cases, the homeowner will be able to see where the roof leak originates very easily from the home exterior. Shingles may be missing, rotted or cracked, or the leak may come from damaged flashing around the chimney. You can apply a temporary patch with tarpaper or a piece of plywood, held with screws. This measure will provide at least some protection for the home interior until the roofer arrives to assess the problem and determine the right solution.

Leaks are common problems, and having one doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a large expense to replace the entire roof. A roofer can determine if a smaller repair will be sufficient to prevent further damage to your home and ensure your household goods and your family remains safe and dry.


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