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Leave Tree Care To The Professionals

Imagine this scenario. You hear the rat-ta-tat of dried leaves hitting your window as the wind howls outside. You look to see the branches of a large oak out front swaying in the wind. It’s been there as long as you can remember but until today, you never really noticed the massive limb hanging precariously over the house, right above where you are currently standing. There is suddenly an extra strong gust of wind and you hear a huge splitting sound. Next thing you know, the house is plunged into darkness.

Fortunately, in this story the branch falls away from your house and only pulls down the power lines down with it. But what if it had fallen the other way? Are there things you could have done to prevent it? What about the cost of repair and cleanup would insurance have covered it? If they don’t you can cancel any plans you may have had for a sunny March Break or a romantic Valentine’s Day date.

Trees provide all kinds of benefits through our whole life. They provide cool shade in the summer time. They provide homes for birds, squirrels, and other animals. They help your kids to play on yard jungle gym under the shade of them. They help keep our planet cooler and our air healthier to breathe. You may not realize it but they can also increase the value of your house in Edmonton. Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between the number of trees in a neighborhood and the value of the homes in that area. Not only that, they can simply make your home look more welcoming and appealing to your guest.

Just like you maintain your lawn and garden by watering it, weeding it, and giving it the nutrients it needs, your trees need to be properly cared for as well. Some will need more regular care while others are more susceptible to certain diseases. Unless you are an arborist or a passionate outdoor enthusiast, this is best to call in an arborist Edmonton homeowners can rely on. These professionals are able to properly assess the trees on your property and give you a better understanding of their health, how to maintain them properly, and any safety risks they might pose.

If a tree is in need of pruning or needs to be removed, it is in your best interest, both financially and physically, to leave it to a professional. According to Allstate, home insurance most likely will not cover the repair costs if you cut down a tree and it falls on your home or causes other damage. Avoid unnecessary accidents by hiring a professional the proper training and licensing so they can anticipate how a branch will react.

It is easy to forget that trees are living and breathing organisms that have specific needs to survive and thrive. When properly cared for, they will live longer, look healthier, add value to your home, and bring you and your community enjoyment for years to come.

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