Major Reasons for Choosing Cremation Services

There used to be a tome which is not very long ago when almost everyone who died in America was put into the ground. The traditional burials were considered de rigueur & almost none selected the second most popular option. But times have changed and the cremation rate in Australia has since jumped from just 3.46 per cent in 1960 to over 40 per cent in the present times. Here are the five major reasons Americans now consider this an alternative for cremation services to internment.

Top 5 Reasons Why People Are Choosing Cremation Services

#1. Price: The rising price of real estate and cremation services means that people must pay more than ever in order to have their loved ones buried and keep the body secured underground for years. With the coffin, headstone and ceremony, the family of the deceased easily spend upwards of $10,000 for a traditional burial. As compared to the cost of burial, the cost of cremation services starts just at around $1000. The families must pay a bit more if they would like viewing the services beforehand.

#2. Simplicity: The funerals are not rituals for every family. For those who do not find the desired comfort in the ceremony, having a body turned to ash is certainly a viable and expeditious alternative. After contacting a nearby crematorium& moving the body there, the procedure can certainly be completed in only a few hours. You may want to stay at the place for long or visit the place regularly it depends on you after the cremation rituals are over.

#3. Environmentally friendly: In this present age of overcrowding, where population density has indeed become a major issue across most of the places across the globe and Australia is not an exception for sure. While perfectly acceptable, putting a body into the ground takes up space at a time when there is very little to spare. Some might also feel that having your body cremated after death is certainly more responsible because this helps in ensuring that the future generations will have the room they would require in the future. Although this is true that the turning of a deceased body to ashes does release carbon emissions during the phase of burning, this is widely considered an eco-friendlier option.

#4. Mobility: When a dead body is put into the ground, the family members most of the times feel obligated to visit the spot from time to time. This can indeed become exceedingly difficult when they live many miles away. This can cause several problems when a surviving spouse wants to relocate sometime in the past. In several cases, the widow or widower may end up feeling guilty about going away leaving their beloved departed behind. Cremation services solves this particular problem by providing the families with the ability of taking their loved ones ash with them wherever they might go.

#5. Scattering: There are several people who like the idea of having their ashes scattered at various sites which were special to them. They may wish that their relatives would travel to these particular spots in order to disperse a handful at a time.


For these particular reasons and several others, most of the folks now see cremation services as a feasible and viable alternative. The advantages of cremation services are many and the most notable amongst all of these is that the process is eco-friendlier and saves a lot of the land near or within the cities which would be beneficial to the future generations considerably. Also, the other advantages are considerably notable and make a lot of sense and thus the process of cremation services is increasing day by day across Australia.

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