Making Friends With New Neighbors: what not to do

When you move into a new home, you will most likely be interested in meeting your new neighbors. After all, you will undoubtedly run into your neighbor’s time and time again, so you should look forward to becoming friends with your neighbors and getting to know them! Whether you are checking out apartments, Utah county homes for sale, or building your own home from the ground-up, you will live among your neighbors – and hopefully soon, among friends! Here’s some tips on what not to do in regards to your neighbors when moving into a new home.


Waiting Too Long to Introduce Yourself

From when you close on your new home, or move in, make an effort to introduce yourselves to your new neighbors, don’t wait! If you hold off on doing so, and don’t bother to introduce yourself until months after you have already lived in your new home, then your neighbors might get the impression that you are standoffish or not interested in being a part of the community – even if that’s not how you feel! You don’t have to but I think it is a nice touch to bring a small gift to the neighbors. Something like your favorite lipsense stick color or some baked treats. So make sure you are friendly, and make that effort to say hi and introduce yourself and your family to your new neighbors.


Disrupting the Neighborhood

Keep your neighbors in mind when you are outdoors, having social gatherings, or even just coming and going from your home. No one likes a disruptive neighbor, so try not to be the homeowner on the block with the blasting music outside on a weeknight that your neighbors can hear from in their house. Try to maintain your part of the peaceful street, building, or development that you live in, and your neighbors will be happy to have you living near them.


Not Respecting Boundaries

As friendly as your new neighbors may seem, don’t start slacking and start disregarding boundaries. Even if the older couple next door seems friendly, that doesn’t mean that you should start letting your dog run laps through their spacious lawn. Same goes for children – your neighbors might have the swing set in the backyard, but wait for an actual invitation first before you get too comfortable and start letting your kids run rampant in the neighborhood. Don’t be the overbearing, and somewhat nervy, neighbor.


Ignoring the Neighbors

If you are looking to make friends with your neighbors, make an effort to show it! Even if you are in a rush and tearing out the door, make sure to wave to your neighbors in their driveway, driving by, or wherever you might see them. Keep up the friendly persona, and you’ll be starting to get to know your neighbors before you know it. Don’t ignore the neighbors, and don’t look the other way when you see one outside!


Asking for Too Much Help Too Soon

Moving into a new home is a lot of work. If you have great, energetic new neighbors, they might even offer to assist you with some simple house projects. However, if you don’t get that vibe from your new neighbors, don’t be pushy and ask for help in sawing the wood for your deck or paving your driveway. If your neighbor has the perfect tool you need for a backyard project, wait to get to know them a little bit before asking to use it. Most likely, your neighbors will be happy to help and assist you, after they get to know you and your family and you’ve established a relationship with them.


When you move into a new home, make the effort to be friendly, outgoing, while keeping your house tidy and neat. In no time, you will fit right into your new neighborhood and will enjoy living there with your neighbors.

Craig Middleton

Craig has worked in health, real estate, and HR businesses for most of his professional career. He graduated at UC Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in Marketing.

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