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Money Saving Secrets for Working Moms

working-womanBeing a working mom can be tough and can add a lot of pressure on anyone. Being able to succeed on the job and at home can be difficult, but any dedicated mom can do it. The following tips will help you be frugal when you need it most!

1. Plans

Stick to a meal plan, grocery list, and food budget so you can stay as on topic as possible. This will help save you time, as well as save you money. Time is money, and a food plan will help you save it. When you go shopping, go alone. Don’t take your kids with you. Try to pick up food during your lunch break or right before you pick up your kids in the afternoon. Make sure you stop any urge to put anything extra in your cart. This will prevent your kids from tagging along when you’re shopping and putting a lot of extra things into the cart. Plus, if you fill up the trunk right before you pick them up from school, they will be able to help you put up the groceries too.

2. Online Shopping

Shopping online can yield countless rewards. It is incredible to comparison shop online, and you might wish you could buy everything online. Coupon codes are an increasingly large part of online shopping, and they are available at most any store you go to. There is also Google Offers and Google Wallet to help you save money. Try to run a Google search for a coupon code each time you go shopping. You can also sign up for Amazon Prime, because it should allow you to watch movies, rent movies, and get free shipping on most or all items you purchase.

3. Stick To Cash

Using cash instead of credit cards allows you to do a much better job of keeping track of your expenses. You’ll never rack up credit card debt either, which will save you untold dollars. If you carry a big wad of cash with you when shopping, you’ll never run the risk of going over it. You can use it to subtract from each time you make a food purchase, and your credit cards will never be in danger.

4. Simplify

To cut down on overhead for a word wardrobe, take a look inside your closet and try to mix and match items you already have to make new outfits. When you do purchase new items, get only a few key pieces. Then, go to your closets and find some articles you’ve forgotten about to make some retro-chic outfits.

5. Eat In

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, as the saying goes, and that is particularly true for eating out during work hours. A packed lunch can cost you a lot over time. Think about spending $10 a day. That can add to about $300 a month. That can add up to $3,600 a year….enough said.

6. Stay Home

Going to the local library to rent books and movies will ensure that your kids stay home more often and don’t spend as much money on video stores or books. Having them go to the library is also a great way to encourage reading, studying, and school.


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