Moving A Step Closer To Understanding The Relationship Between Vision And Learning

Since the new academic year is about to start it is important for parents to know how crucial it is for their kids to have their eye tests regularly. Vision and Learning are having a close relationship and it is important that your kid is having a clear vision to get most out of their school learning. It is estimated that about 80% of the school learning is based on visual presentation and poor eyesight can have a bigger impact on how they process the information to learn what is being taught in school.

Their eyesight is crucial for school learning and emerges as a key factor in writing sentences, spelling words correctly, reading a text and following the blackboard in the class even while sitting at a distance. Being a  student, they also need to learn faster and understand all the visuals that are located a bit away from them.

Another Very  Common Refractive Problem Which Is Caused By The Eye

Vision And Learning

Refractive Problems

Refractive Problems are eye conditions that affect the way your eye responds to the light coming in. The most common of which is short-sightedness and long-sightedness. Astigmatism is another very common refractive problem which is caused by the eye being in a diverse shape to a specific sphere.

In most of the cases, the refractive problems are caused by the spherical aberrations and these are the types of imperfections in the shape of the eye which plague the eyesight of most of us. But in some cases, they impact adversely the quality of eyesight. These issues can be diagnosed with eye tests and treated with glasses and contact lenses.

Perceptual Vision Errors

This is the error with your eyes which involves both your brain and eyes and this error purely depends on the condition of the brain. Students that are having perpetual vision error usually struggle a lot in understanding exactly what they are viewing. Some of the common occurrences in the classroom are manifested in long words and fractions being a challenge for the kids to understand them with their inability to judge and relate it to the job they are assigned for.

How To Diagnose An Error With Vision Of Your Kids

Well, it is not possible for you to understand and know if your kid is having a perpetual error in eyesight just with an eye test, but it is the first thing to do in the diagnosis exercise. The test would tell you if they are having a refractive error or need further tests to draw the conclusion. It will also bring out in the open if they are having color blindness which can lead to confusion and difficulty at school if the symptoms are ignored and unheeded to. Therefore, the school counselor would help you find the optometrist specializing in correcting the Vision and Learning errors in your child.

In order to find out if your child is having difficulty with their vision, there are certain clear behavioral symptoms for you and the teacher to look for. So, it is essential to keep the child away from the schoolwork or assignments that might require them to bear stress in the eye that could later result in the source of the vision problem. You need to listen carefully to their complication and discomfort which they are suffering from to learn about the problem they are facing followed by offering them the right treatments.

Treating The Vision And Learning Errors

Vision and learning

The treatment for most of the Vision and Learning errors can be as simple as restoring to corrective lenses either in the form of contact lenses or glasses or involve therapy. It is very essential for you to ensure that your child is having the right treatment to prevent the error from reoccurring.

You should always remember that the endeavor to understand the chemistry between Vision and Learning can give you the power to decipher the silent eye problems of your child that otherwise remain unobserved and unaccounted for.  with visual therapy and corrective glasses you can actually keep your child motivated and enjoying the classroom sessions. So, make sure that you listen to their issues closely and take measures immediately to avoid any further deterioration in their vision errors which may lead to even loss of eyesight in the future.

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