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Moving? Not Before You’ve Dealt With These You Aren’t!

If you’re among the movers and shakers in town, you can’t stay put for long. Nope, your current residence isn’t a house for life – it’s a means to an end. What you want, in the long-term, is a property that has everything, the one you can finally call your home. Before you get to that point, you have to move from property to property in the short to medium-term. But, before you call the movers and start packing, you can’t leave until you have done a bit of in-house gardening.

If you’re on the verge of upping sticks, these are the things you need to do before you leave.

Call The Movers In Advance

Clearly, you’re going to hire a moving service to help out. After all, it isn’t a pretty process, and movers share the load. However, you can’t just call them a day or two before you’re due to leave. Any self-respecting service won’t have the time or resources to help. Plus, you won’t be able to do your homework, hence why you need to call them in advance. Hopefully, scheduling the move a month or two beforehand should mean that everything goes to plan. Or, it will at least limit the inevitable, metaphorical damage.

Inform The Bank

Usually, it’s a good idea to keep contact with your bank to a minimum. But, in this case, there is a security risk. Yes, informing the bank you are moving means they can forward your correspondence. But, this isn’t just for ease of access. No, it’s also to stop sensitive info from getting into the wrong hands. Banks that believe you are at a different residence will send your mail to that address, and that could be damaging if it contains a pin number, say. In fact, you should redirect as much mail as possible for this reason.

Pay The Energy Bill

Another establishment that wants to keep tabs on you is your energy supplier. Don’t worry because it isn’t anything untoward. In fact, they are doing you a favour. People that don’t notify them they are leaving house tend to get hit with a big bill. The reason is that people move in and use buckets of energy, and the supplier doesn’t realise. Sure, you might be able to sort it out in the end, but that’s a lot of time and energy. By communicating with them early on, you can be energy-efficient.

Insure Your New House

Insurance is always a great idea, but even more so when you move. Thankfully, insurance companies let you cover your belongings during the move. And, if you are savvy, you can also get contents insurance thrown in for good measure. That enables you to protect your belongings and your new house during and after the move. Even better, you can take out a new policy thirty days before you’re due to leave. Anyone with insurance should double check that it ticks all the right boxes.

As you can see, there is more to moving than cardboard and sticky tape.

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