Must-Have Home Safety Features For Every Senior

With millions of Baby Boomers entering their senior years, home safety has become a priority for many adults whose parents are passing retirement. For older homeowners to be able to maintain their independence and remain in their homes longer there must be safety measures in place.

Trip and fall hazards, air quality and security are all aspects of safer homes for senior citizens. Children and other family members often spend too much time worrying about their parent or relative that is living on their own. By being proactive about safety inside your home you can protect yourself from many everyday problems and accidents.

While you can rely on things like your Allstate home insurance policy to protect your home itself, there are still many things that you can do inside and outside your home to make your environment safer. If you are a senior living independently, take a look at our list of must-have safety features that every senior should have in their home.

Safety Rails

Although you may already have handrails installed on your indoor and outdoor stairs, it’s important to make sure that they are properly maintained. A loose or rusted handrail is not necessarily going to hold up when you are grabbing it for support. 

Handrails should also be installed in a few other high-risk areas of your home. A rail placed next to your commode can make getting up and down a bit easier and safer. Shower or tub rails should be added to your bathroom to help you avoid slippery situations.


As you age you may not be able to see as well in dimmer lights. Adding low-level lighting along your hallways and staircases can drastically increase visibility and prevent fall and slip accidents. Strategically placed nightlights can help you to navigate your home in the evenings without having to turn on all of your overhead lights.

Cordless / Cell Phone

Many seniors end up having a fall incident simply because they were rushing to answer a ringing phone. Having a reliable cordless phone or a cell phone that you can carry around the house and outdoors with you can save you the trouble of having to dash around your home when someone calls.

Walk-In Tub/Shower

Most accidents in the homes of seniors take place in the bathroom. With mobility being an issue for many seniors, just getting into the bathtub or shower can be a risky hassle. 

A walk-in tub with a locking mechanism and high sides is a great alternative to a traditional tub for many people. With a low profile step and built-in seat you can enjoy a bath or shower with much less risk.

If you prefer a shower to a bath you can consider remodeling your current bathroom to incorporate a no-curb style shower. This type of shower has no step or water barrier that can end up being a huge trip hazard. With proper design and drainage systems, you can enjoy your easy to walk in shower without any mess.

Smart Home System

Some seniors are skeptical about many forms of technology. But, it’s a technology that can add an incomparable level of safety and security to your home. 

A Smart Home system can be tailored to your specific needs and help keep you safe. Coordinate your security system, lifeline personal monitoring, your emergency contacts, and even your lighting and stereo into one easy to use system.


If you are concerned about your safety as a senior living alone, following some of these tips can help you stay more secure. You may not like the idea of growing older, none of us do, but the fact is that as we age we might need a bit more help around our homes. Give your family some peace of mind and yourself the ability to maintain your independence by making sure that you install some of these must-have safety features in your own home.

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