Need Gift Ideas for a Writer? Check These Out!

Most people know someone who is a writer. Or, at least, they know someone who claims to be a writer. And when it comes to these folks, there’s one thing they want more than anything else in the world: more time.

Of course, when birthdays or national holidays come knocking, that’s not a very practical gift solution. Sure, you could offer to do some chores for them on occasion. That would certainly give them some more time. But let’s face it: do you really have the time for that?

Thankfully, there are plenty of amazing gifts out there for the writer in your life. Consider these ideas. They’re designed to be both fun and practical, helping the recipient have fun as well as brainstorm.


Books about writing

Sure, you could argue that people should write more instead of just reading about writing. But there’s no denying that these books can inspire someone when they’re having trouble getting started in the first place. There are loads of books out there that can help aspiring writers. They range from grammatical and punctuation guides to autobiographies and brainstorming texts. One of the most popular is On Writing by Stephen King. You may know him for horrors and thrillers, but this book works for people who want to get into writing of any kind.

Cure for writer’s block

Books about writing can definitely be amazing cures for writer’s block. But sometimes they’re not enough. This is especially true if they are introductory texts to the craft. Sometimes, you need something that engages you into direct action a bit more. You may wonder how a “writer’s block cure” can be given as a present. And no, it’s not in the form of a potion. The Writer Emergency Pack helps writers brainstorm plot ideas!


Awesome stationery

Writers never feel that they have enough time to do everything they want to do. Even if it’s what they do for a living! But that’s not the only thing writers never seem to have enough of. They also need to have a near-limitless supply of stationery! The writer in your life will probably greatly appreciate any basic set of pens or notepads. But you could go a step further and look into getting some stationery personalized for them.

Vouchers for bookstores

One of the reasons that writers often find themselves not writing is because they’re too busy reading! While it’s important to find the right balance, actually reading a lot is an incredibly important part of the process. There are always books out there that writers have their eyes on. Actually getting their hands on them is often expensive. If you’re not sure what books to get them, don’t fret. Just get them a voucher or a gift card for their favorite bookstore! Trust me when I say that they’ll go wild with gratitude.


A gym membership

No, seriously, hear me out. Writing can be a pretty dangerous profession. All that sitting down that writers tend to do is incredibly bad for the body. They need to be encouraged to get out there and do some exercise from time to time! In fact, many famous writers say that running (and other exercise) helps them a lot with their process. A gym membership could be the push your writer needs!


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