Newest Makeup Brands That Want to Pay You!

There are makeup brands out there that want to pay you for your time, and it happens through affiliate programs that involve direct sales marketing, which usually offers a percentage or commission as to what is sold. Plus, there is the opportunity for affiliates to experiment with newer cosmetics that are coming into the marketplace, which enables direct sellers to jump ahead with the latest trends and makeup formulations that can be passed on to potential customers.


Some of the newest and newer makeup brands that want to pay you include:


e.l.f. Cosmetics


E.l.f. is known throughout America and the world. They offer a wide variety of makeup items as well as cosmetic tools. E.l.f. makeup affiliates can earn up to 5 percent commission for each sale they make.


Benefit Cosmetics


Benefit is a makeup company headquartered in San Francisco that is known for its unusual and original product packaging as well as its lip and cheek tint, erase paste, award winning mascara, makeup kits and hundreds of other items. Affiliates can earn up to 4-7 percent commission on sales.




SeneGence is the parent company of Lipsense and is currently one of the fastest growing direct sales companies. Their speciality is Lipsense, a liquid lipstick that is resistant to water, smudges, smearing, kissing and anything else related to transference. Lipsense affiliates can buy their products at wholesale and sell for retail, or sell directly. Earnings can also be made through team building, and SeneGence will pay 10 percent commission off anything a first line team sells.


Pur minerals Cosmetics


Pür Minerals products include a wide range of cosmetics and skincare items that are eco-friendly, cruelty-free and made predominately in America. They pride themselves on their foundations and skincare lines. Sales commissions are 5 percent.


Colorscience Makeup


Colorescience is a top of the line company whose main focus is premium ingredients that are good for the skin and easily used. They pay their affiliates well with a 10 percent commission rate.


BH Cosmetics


BH Cosmetics is about cosmetics that are more practical and reasonably priced. They carry most everything from eyeshadow to cosmetic brushes, and their makeup commission rates are one of the highest for affiliates at 15 percent per sale. Monthly incentives are also part of their program.


Sigma Beauty


Sigma Beauty is not only known for its makeup line but for its state-of-the-art makeup brushes. The company is growing fast and pays its affiliates 10 percent commission on sales, plus there are rewards programs with giveaways and bonuses.


Black Opal Beauty


Black Opal specializes in specific skin color issues. The products are formulated to address skincare and makeup concerns for women of color as well as techniques for makeup application. Black Opal affiliates are offered 6 percent commission on sales.



There are a number of other makeup brands that pay their affiliates through direct sales, special wholesale rates, discounts and business building strategies, and the ones listed here are good examples of what is available to anyone that loves makeup and makeup application.


Affiliate program commission rates may not be as high as anticipated, but many programs compensate their affiliates through incentives like discounts, free items and giveaways. Anyone who wants the freedom to work on their own and loves cosmetics might want to consider getting into the affiliate game.

Craig Middleton

Craig has worked in health, real estate, and HR businesses for most of his professional career. He graduated at UC Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in Marketing.

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