Nine Display Methods to Makes Your Clothing Stores More Attractive

Clothing display is becoming more and more important in the era of “eyeball economy”. When we go shopping, we can’t help entering a store seeing the display mannequin in beautifully arranged clothing. The decision is made at a glance and in fact, here are many display methods to manage your clothing store.

  1. Scientific classification

In order to expand the service and increase the transaction rate, most clothing stores operate in a variety of categories with hundreds of different types. The scientific classification is to classify the clothing according to some rational logic, such as chronological discharge. For example, the entrance of the store is for the young, the center is for the mid-aged. The innermost is for the old or children. Or the left is the mid-range price clothing, the right is high-end clothing, while the most inside is the place to provide after-sales service. It brings convenience not only to customers to purchase, but also store management.


  1. Frequently change method

Every time there is a new fashion, the appearance of the fashion store should be completely new. If the product does not change much, you can make some changes in the display and decoration. Changing the store to a new face will attract customers.

  1. Convenient method

A series of products required by the same type of consumers can be placed together. Or the styles that are often matched can be put together. In this way, customers can choose and purchase conveniently. For example, put men’s shirts, suits and ties, tie clips together.

  1. Repetition method

Some clothes are placed in a certain position for too long. It is ignored because of the weak light and surrounding styles. So, you can put them in other place and recombined with other styles. Create a new style that increases the chances of being sold. Also, putting the clothes to a more noticeable place is a way to sell them. Combined with the new style of clothes, the entire clothing store will give people a feeling of constant change through repetition.

  1. Wardrobe combination method

In each season, the consumers’ wardrobes are a brand-new combination with styles of various occasions, various uses and various themes. The urban life is accelerating, and people need services in wardrobe design. That is to classify the clothes according to the customer’s wardrobe. the combination can be divided into a single combination, couple combination, combination of a family and so on.

  1. Decorative method

To decor the clothing store, you can strengthen the artistic theme of the clothing, leaving a deep impression on customers. For example, some cute drawings are put on the wall of the children’s clothing store, a bouquet of flowers is placed near the lovers’ clothes, and a specimen of animals is placed in the high-end fur clothing store. Also, putting the new, fashion clothing besides the old clothing will have a synergistic effect. It seems to imply that the products in this area are good, but the old clothing cannot be too bad.

  1. Mannequins display method

In addition to some traditional styles (such as shirts), most fashion clothing is sold directly by showing the effect on consumers. When people see beautiful displays, they tend to imagine that clothes also look good on themselves. This is called irresistible psychology. In addition to hanging the clothes on the shelf, you can put display mannequin in the store.

When it comes to mannequin body, choosing a good-quality mannequin is important too. Usually, cheap mannequins fail to display clothes well, because they are more likely to make the clothes look cheap and feel cheap. As for materials, PC material is highly recommended. First, PC mannequin is friendly to the environment. The PC mannequin of Posh Concept company is directly added toner to the crude material, so there is no compelling reason to splash paint, reducing the pollution to a greater extent. So, Posh Concept is a reliable supplier you can trust. Second, PC mannequin is of high quality and do no harm to people. As we need to dress mannequins regularly and touch them when dressing, the material of them must be safe for us. Given all the benefits above, PC mannequin is becoming a trend in retail stores.

PC Mannequin

  1. Effect application method

People who enter the store will see a whole effect. This effect is not only the clothing itself. There are many other factors that play an important role in the whole effect. For example, music, light, and videos. These factors can affect the mood of customers. Some large stores even set up childcare stations in order to attract more customers. Besides, a large-scale mirror installation in the fashion store not only visually expands the space of the store, but also help customers to try on conveniently.

  1. Winding path method

The layout of the clothing store should be conducive to the walking of the customers. If your shop is long, you can design the channel into an S shape. For the shop with square space, you can make the customer take a few more circles through the arrangement of the shelve. In this way, customers will stay longer in your store.

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