On the Map: 5 Keys to Advertising Your Property Sale

When it comes to advertising your property for sale, the first impression often matters a lot. Remember, you property listing is just one in a long list of other listings that potential clients will see. Accordingly, it is crucial that they see it in the best possible form. The more pleasing your property listing appears, the more likely you are likely to sell faster. Here is an overview of the top 6 keys to advertising your property sale.

1. Use clear and attractive photos

Clear and attractive photos of your property on sale are critical components of your advertising strategy. Placing an advert with unclear photos will make buyers assume that you are hiding some faults. Ensure that you take as many photos as possible of the exterior and interior of your property. If you are on a budget, you can involve a professional photographer to get quality shots.

2. Take advantage of online property listings

With the advancement of technology, more people tend to look at online listings when scouting for property on sale. Placing as many listings as possible online will go a long way in ensuring that your property sells fast. Endeavour to include your contact details, best photos of your property, and other relevant information that will be valuable for your potential clients.

3. Run print advertisements during peak exposure days

Besides online listings, you can place adverts in your local newspapers, property magazines, and other local publications. Although some publications may not allow photos and tend to be costlier than online ads, your efforts can pay off significantly if you run the adverts during peak exposure days—for instance, when there is wide coverage of a given issue in the media.

4. Appeal directly to your clients with flyers

You can also appeal to your potential clients directly by using high-quality flyers. Like the online listings, make them eye-catching and visually appealing. When it comes to distributing the flyers, use unique tactics to broaden your market reach—place them in your neighbors’ mailboxes, take them to your workplace, and ask your friends to pass them to their networks. Community bulletin boards in local malls are also great locations to place your property flyers for interested parties to see. You can also go green by distributing electronic flyers to your mailing list.

5. The old-fashioned sale signage still count

Never underestimate the power of the conventional “FOR SALE” signage. It is a powerful method that has been used by realtors for decades to let potential customers and passers-by know that a property is on sale. You can use this versatile method too. Just ensure that your contact information and other relevant information are clear, larger, and easy to read so that everybody will be able to notice it. In fact, most real estate agents will give you more tips on how you can optimize the signs to attract traffic coming from all directions.

6. Don’t forget your real estate agent

Many people tend to avoid real estate agents when advertising their property on sale to cut costs. However, this shouldn’t always be the case; it’s worth consulting a real estate agent on what other value-ads they can provide. For instance, what level of reach does their social media pages or websites have? Do they have an email list of buyers that they can send your property listing to? You might also look into programs that specialize in real estate advice, such as Success Path.


The key to advertising your property is to maximize the demand and interest of your property as possible. The highlighted are not the only advertising strategies; experiment with as many methods as possible to allow your property to be seen by the highest number of target clients as possible.


Dixie Somers is a freelance writer and blogger for business, home, and family niches. Dixie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the proud mother of three beautiful girls.

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