Outdoor Oasis: 5 Things Every Attractive Backyard Needs

Many people spend a great deal of time working on the interior of their homes, to the detriment of their back and front yards. This doesn’t make a lot of sense—the backyard is where you’ll entertain during the warm seasons, and where the family will gather for meals, relaxation time, parties and games. Let’s take a look at a few simple renovations that can tremendously impact the attractiveness of your yard and give you the ideal outdoor space to enjoy.


Install a Fire Pit

Fire pits are a wonderful source of heat and light that encourage people to relax and gather together to enjoy the flame. Fire pits can even extend the capacity of your yard to entertain through fall and winter: just turn the heat up, get out some marshmallows, and enjoy each other’s company through the year. As long as you’re exercising caution and practicing proper fire safety, there is no reason to hold off on purchasing a fire pit for your backyard. Kids, teenagers, adults and the elderly can all enjoy the warm glow of a beautiful fire.


Plant Different Types of Trees and Flowers

Creating an aesthetically pleasing backyard can seem daunting, but most stunning backyards have one thing in common: flora diversity! Planting a wide array of flowers, bushes, trees and grasses allows a visitor’s eye to wander from section to section without feeling like there are any obvious design gaps. Having a few different gardens, each with a different floral theme, is a great way to keep busy—and to keep your guests satisfied! Trees also create natural shade for your family and convenient habitats for cute creatures like birds and chipmunks.


Buy Elegant Patio or Lawn Furniture

Whether you have a patio, a simple porch, or just a flat expanse of lawn, people don’t hang out in the backyard to stand up. Everyone wants to relax in the yard, cradling a drink and stretching their legs above the grass. Comfortable lawn chairs and recliners can make a huge difference in terms of enjoyment and aesthetics. Plastic chairs and cheap footrests tell your guests that your backyard is inhabitable, but more expensive furniture tells them it is a destination. If you plan to entertain often, splurge on the nice stuff. No one likes to relax on plastic!


Put an Irrigation System In

Although irrigation systems aren’t as sexy as fire pits, birch trees or plush chairs, they can really improve the value of your home and the look of your yard. Being able to complete yard work with the flick of a switch that would take others hours is a huge bonus, and your plants and flowers will thank you! Prospective buyers also love the addition of sprinklers and related systems. At around $3,000 per system, you can earn back two to three times that amount when you sell the house.


Have Some Type of Water Sanctuary

A water sanctuary is any structure that can serve as an entertainment and visual centerpiece of your yard. You could install a small pond and fountain, or choose to attach a hot tub to the side of the house or the patio. Just make sure that, unless you live in Miami or Arizona, you don’t install a pool. They are tremendously expensive to build, and other home buyers are often scared off by the cost of maintaining and covering a pool for half the year. Why sit by the pool when you can sit by the pond?

Upgrading your backyard is a great way to improve the quality of your home experience, not to mention that it will improve your property values as well! Avoid or delay yard improvements at your own peril: a beautiful house is nothing without an accessible and entertaining yard.


Dixie Somers is a freelance writer and blogger for business, home, and family niches. Dixie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the proud mother of three beautiful girls.

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