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Pearl Bracelets for Every Personality

We all love pearl necklaces, earrings and rings, but it seems like pearl bracelets are not getting the spotlight they deserve among pieces of pearl jewelry. It is hard to understand why, as the feeling of soft and shiny authentic pearls caressing your wrist is irreplaceable. They are wonderful accessories for little girls and young ladies, but are equally suitable for adult women as well. Pearl bracelets are a discrete and tasteful way to enhance your natural elegance and serve as the perfect gift for a loved one, but also a delightful treat you can offer yourself. Lucky for us ladies, there are numerous types of pearl bracelets available. The pearls used for bracelets, such as freshwater or Japanese Akoya, come in various colors, fit for every type of personality. We have detailed them below, according to pearl and personality type, so you can see which one is the best for you or that special girl or woman in your life. If you are new to buying pearls online and you want to look into a reliable source, you can count on websites like this one (PearlsOnly) for meeting all of your needs. So have fun online discovering the diversity of pearl bracelets!

Classy – White

Elegant, high class, conservative, yet tasteful – the traditional white pearl bracelet is for you. You can choose from white Japanese Akoya pearls or freshwater pearls, depending on the budget you possess and what quality you are aiming for. The bottom line is that a white pearl bracelet is ideal for the classy lady who knows her fashion.

Delicate – Lavender

Sweet, innocent, as delicate as a freshly blossomed spring flower – the lovely lavender pearl bracelet is for you. A bracelet made out of lavender freshwater pearls is an excellent gift choice for small or teenage girls, as it beautifully expresses their young and pure personality. You can match a lavender pearl bracelet with some cute pearl studs, as well.

Girly – Pink

Flirty, cute and deliciously girly – the adorable pink pearl bracelet is for you. If you or the lucky lady who is about to receive the bracelet is a pink lover, this is the perfect present for you or her. Even if you are not always girly, a pink freshwater pearl bracelet will definitely help bring out your feminine side.

Sharp – Black

Mysterious, sexy, yet smart – the sharp black pearl bracelet is for you. You have the opportunity to choose from a dyed or treated freshwater or Japanese Akoya pearl bracelet, or an authentic natural Tahitian pearl bracelet. If you are on a tighter budget, choose one of the first two options, but if you have the possibility and really want to offer a remarkable and meaningful gift, choose Tahitian.

Outgoing – Multicolor

Radiant, always smiling and bursting with life – the multi-color pearl bracelet is for you. You can get a gorgeous multicolor pearl bracelet – with white, pink and lavender freshwater pearls – at 80% off retail price if you buy from an online shop.


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