Practical Reasons Why Life Coaching Works

One of the differences between a successful and an unsuccessful person is found in the power of decision making. There are many decisions that we make each day, some are profound and others are trivial. Yet sometimes we procrastinate the very decisions that are most important for our sense of fulfillment in our lives.

A life coach is a person who helps you learn how to make decisions with confidence. They help you overcome hindrances that keep you from achieving the life you’re dreaming of. If you want to find an excellent life coach, look for a highly rated San Francisco counseling center.

People often wonder if a life coaching really works, the truth is, there are many empirical reasons why, yes, it does work.  

The Power of life coaching 

  1. Accountability: A life coach is a professional who dedicates time and responsibility to affect positive change in your life. Think about this, when do you work harder in the gym, when you are alone or when you are with a personal trainer? Like a fitness trainer, a life coach is someone that encourages you, checks in with you, and makes sure you keep on track.
  1. Expertise: A good life coach has the experience and tools that help analyze your personality, strengths, and values. They help you set the right long and short-term goals and guide you in making the decisions, taking the actions, that will help you achieve those goals. They have an expertise in helping people change and grow.
  1. Execution: A trained coach knows how to get yourself to stick to the plan. They know just the right words, they show you how to leverage your individual strengths, to keep yourself motivated until the next session. Life coaching is a multifaceted approach, a life coach analyses all aspects of you and collaborates with you on the strategies you need to be the most to be successful.

Do you know how is a life coach different from other psychotherapy and other supportive services? Here is a comparison on how a professional life coaching is different from the following:

Psychotherapy: Life coaching and psychotherapy do have some things in common and yet they are also very different. A therapist helps you explore past emotional issues and traumas and as such the process can be more open ended and less goal oriented. With psychotherapy you go deeper and look for emotional freedom through the process. It’s also something that often takes a year or more to go through. A life coach on the other hand focuses on the present and the future. The process is goal and action oriented. There is homework involved that helps you work towards your achievements. It’s a good time in your life to get a life coach when you are ready to take action and go for your dreams and goals.

Best Friend: A best friend is a person with whom we share everything. They know us well and often guides us through a difficult situation. But there are aspects of our personality that they may not want to point out since they don’t want to jeopardize their friendship. A life coach is objective in a way a friend cannot be and they know that they may need to ask the hard questions to help you get a breakthrough. A life coach is a person that will see you clearly, ask the questions that help you think outside the box, and share with you things that no one else in your life can.


The reason behind the increasing popularity of life coaching services is, many people want to understand what their potential really is and figure out how to best achieve it. A life coach is an advocate, a quite cheerleader, a personal strategizer, the one who roots you on, helps you be your best and accomplish your dreams.

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