Pros and Cons of Different Window Tints Available For Car

You probably must have heard about the benefits of tinting your car windows, but do you know what are the different tinting options available? In this article, you will be explained what are the different varieties of tints and what are their pros and cons.

When you shop for window tints, you want nothing but the best car window tint. Following are the main window tints available in the market:

Dyed Window Tints: These are the primitive type of tints that uses a layer of dye and has a protective plastic coating. These have many color and shade options and can block 5 to 50 percent of sun rays depending on the shade you choose.

  • Pros of using a Dyed Window Tint:
    • They have many shades which many people like
    • They do not block radio waves
    • This tint is the most cost effective
  • Cons of using a dyed tint include:
    • If they are not installed properly, bubbles will start to appear.
    • This tint is less effective in blocking heat from the sun
    • They might start to form layers over time
    • Color of the tint may start to fade over time

Metalized Window Tint: These tints are designed in a way that makes them reflect the sun’s heat. They are made up of metal and hence are very reflective.

  • Pros of using metalized window tint:
    • Effective at blocking heat and reducing glare
    • Screens harmful UV radiation
    • Don’t fade over time
    • Are highly durable
  • Cons of using metalized window tint:
    • They interfere with radio waves and other electronic signals
    • Very shiny appearance might not look good to some people
    • They are somewhat expensive than other options

Hybrid Tinting Film: This film is an amalgamation of the dyed and the metalized film. They are efficient in blocking solar heat and glare.

  • Pros of installing a Hybrid tint:
    • Very effective in blocking heat due to the metal used
    • Equally effective in reducing glare
    • The rate of fading is less than that of dyed tints
    • They are highly durable
    • Use of the dye makes the tint less shiny
  • Cons of installing a Hybrid Tint:
    • They are costlier than dyed tints
    • They interfere with the radio waves

Carbon Tints: They look like dyed tints but are better than them. They do not contain any metal.

  • Pros of Carbon Tints:
    • They have very less discoloration
    • High durability
    • Less glare
    • Blocks heat about 40%
    • Comes in various shades
    • Do not interfere with radio waves
  • Cons of Carbon tints: 
    • They are more expensive than dyed tints

Ceramic Window Tints: They are the most expensive type of tints and have no metal in them. As their name suggests, they are made up of ceramic particles.

  • Pros of Using Ceramic Tints
    • They are the most effective tints available for blocking heat since they block 50 percent of the infrared rays
    • They don’t fade over time
    • They are the most durable tinting film available
    • They block up to 90 percent of the Ultraviolet radiation from the Sun
    • They do not interfere with the radio signals
    • They aren’t reflective and shiny
  • Cons of using a Ceramic tint: 
    • The only disadvantage of using ceramic tint is that they are very expensive and many people might not afford this.

When you want to get your car window tinted, you should take into consideration the various pros and cons listed above. One of the most important consideration, if you live in a place where mobile signals are weak or you travel a lot should be the interference of tint with the radio signals.

You should contact a good auto window tinting company for installation of the tint since a badly installed tint will be visible and will look really bad.

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