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Quickfire Career Advice For The Modern Worker

Think back to the early days of your career. You were excited by the promise of a well-paying job and the glittering rewards at the end of the road. But only a few people ever manage to get to where they want to go. Things inevitably get complicated along the way. And, sometimes., these complications undermine your drive and ambition. If only we could have had some sort of mentor to see us through the toughest times and keep us moving towards our goals.

Well, this post might not be a mentor, but it is the next best thing. We’re going to shoot through some of the best career advice ever given in quick succession.

Keep Your Eye Long Term Goals

Most people have some sense of where they’d like to end up in life. But often it’s hard to keep an eye on your long-term goals, especially if your work is demanding. But, from a psychological point of view it’s crucial that you do. Having an eye on the prize keeps what you’re doing today relevant and tolerable.

Money Isn’t The Be All And End All

A lower paying job might not seem that attractive, but it could be an important first step on the road to where you want to go. For that reason, you’ll want to take it over the higher paying job you don’t want to do.

You Commit To Lifelong Learning

Thanks to sites like, learning about your industry has never been easier. Keeping up to date allows you to demonstrate expertise and continue moving up the career ladder.

Don’t Fake It

Authenticity is something that is deeply sought after in businesses. Being authentic is a way to build up trust and respectability. If people don’t know who you really are, they’re less likely to trust you with greater responsibility in the future.

You Are Not Your Job

This may come as a surprise to some people, but they are much more than their job. Thinking that you are your job can lead to burnout and exhaustion, not to mention unwanted anxiety and depression.

Show Others You’re Committed

There’s a big difference between the people who are committed to their work and those that aren’t. If you show commitment, you’ll be more likely to grab the attention of others within your organisation. They’ll start wanting to work with you because they know you’ll get the job done. This, in turn, will evoke a sense of trust and good feeling. And in time, this should translate into a promotion and more responsibility.

Learn Around Your Role

Don’t just spend all your time focusing on what you do. Find out what it is that other people in your team are working on. Having a working knowledge of what people are doing means that you’ll be better positioning yourself to manage that team one day.

Be True To Yourself

There’s no such thing as professional loyalty. Don’t feel like you owe your company anything. If you see a better opportunity elsewhere, take it.

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