Reasons To Shop Around For Construction Site Supplies

There are various reasons why you’d need to shop around for your construction site supplies. With a considered approach, you’ll gain peace of mind and obtain supplies that are safe and appropriate, for each of your construction sites. All sites vary in scale and length of duration, which in itself gives you reasons to shop around –not to mention the cost savings you can make.

You Require Different Supplies To Your Usual Products

Does one supplier offer all of your equipment needs, or specialise in certain items alone? Requiring something different than usual is a commonplace reason to shop around, in order to obtain more information about product specifications and versatility. You may often use mesh Heras fencing. Yet this time you require opaque boards or steel hoarding panels, to prevent any public view, so that the construction site appears less intrusive to others. Or you may instead prefer to hire your mesh fencing, specifically for each job, knowing it will be ideal for short or medium term projects, and knowing it is easily portable.

Competitive Prices

People shop around to find good value for money. Site fencing is for temporary use, but it is reusable. The price of required fencing may depend on the amount you’ve already got, and how much you either need to replace, or add in quantity to your stock.

Consider whether equipment will be needed at forthcoming construction sites, and whether it will be suitable for various outings. Often people think it is better value for money to spend a bit more, knowing equipment will be used either in the future, or currently for a long period of time. For example, steel hoarding is both reusable and is ideal for long term construction sites. If you don’t want to purchase, which many construction firms do not, then hiring fencing could be the best option.

If you want to hire certain site supplies but buy others, some companies may offer the same equipment for both to hire and to buy. You need to cost out hiring rates next to prices of purchasing the same item, and you may find some reasonable hiring costs, especially if you don’t envisage regularly using the equipment in the future. You may shop around to find different account options, including credit terms, deposits required etc, or you may prefer paperless invoicing to cut back on paperwork, and for ease of transactions.

Location Of Supplier

The location of the supplier and ease of ordering is important. Perhaps you need a supplier that is local to where you work, or maybe you wish to shop around for a national company. You will want to commence work at the new construction site quickly and obtain the new supplies urgently. You may want to compare prices of express delivery, same day or next day delivery.

Health, Safety And Security

The Health and Safety at work act 1974 states that you must take all reasonable and practical steps to ensure the safety of the general public. This is a key reason why you will always need site hoarding or fencing. Will the construction site be in a built up area and possibly attract the unwanted attention of children? Depending on location, each site has different issues that will concern you. Have you already had an unforeseen security breech? Theft of plant and materials and vandalism is sadly commonplace. There may be occasions when you must pay extra attention to the height or type of high security fencing for extra security and peace of mind; and therefore shop around to find what you need. It is your responsibility to take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised access to your construction site. You will need a considered approach to obtain adequate perimeter fencing, and possibly consider anti-climb and heavier duty options.


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