Reasons why Custom Granny Flats are Chosen Over a Kit Home

Many home owners are looking to build a granny flat because a decision to build a granny flat is a very smart way to add additional value to the land they own at the same time adding a lot of flexibility to their plan in case of any future changes. Kit homes come in only a standard set of designs however custom granny flats come in a deep variety of designs.

A customize granny flat has many key advantages especially when looking at fulfilling the local council requirements:

  • Every local council has its own set of rules and standards. This makes it very important to measure the plot accurately and ensure that everything is in place. Once the restrictions and standards are understood, the design of the granny flat should be designed using a professional.In order to ensure that the local council approves the designs of granny flats, the building codes should be designed in such a way that the development approval processes flow smoothly. Since the custom granny flats can be constructed according to the will of the homeowner, the budget can vary and in this connection, the homeowner must have a proper blueprint of the whole flat project, including the layout of the rooms and the design.
  • If budget is a primary concern, many people consider granny kit homes over custom granny flats. However, the reasons why custom granny flats are considered to be a great solution are listed below. On the surface value, it may seem to be accurate to go for a granny kit home but in many cases custom granny flats act as a good solution to the general public.

10 Reasons why Custom Granny Flats are preferred over Kit Granny flats

  • Turnkey costs – The total cost of the new building to be built are known before the start of the building project. Here both the builder and end user are on the same page when it comes to the final price. An experienced builder does not waver from the cost in the quote and assures every customer when something goes awry.
  • Transport requirements – Since there is nothing to be transported, there is not transportation cost associated with custom granny flats. Hence, the home owners will be able to save a lot of money related to transportation.
  • Quality – The quality of the granny flat will be very similar to the existing house. Overall, the quality offered by custom granny flat is more than the quality of a kit granny flat.
  • Custom built – This ensures that the custom granny flat will properly fit the block of land.
  • Design – Custom granny flats offer flexibility to a customer’s choice of design and finishes.
  • Full Project management – Builder who build custom granny flats provide full project management services and ensure that their customers need not worry about any aspect of the building project.
  • Location options – Builders who build custom granny flats can modify existing houses or extend the existing houses in case the household is getting extended.
  • Extras – Builders include all the necessary service connections.
  • Council Approvals – Customers won’t find any issue with respect to council approvals.
  • Timeframe – Custom granny flats provide a timeframe guarantee of 12 weeks.

It is also generally seen that people, who provide quotes for kit granny flats leave out many significant elements from the quotes that are submitted to the end users. Some of key points that are usually left out are approvals for complying development or councils, service connections, water tanks essentials, floor finishes, blinds, letter boxes, clothes lines and many more. These are included in custom granny flat homes even though they are not included in kit granny flats.


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