Save the Date DIY Templates

After a great proposal comes the moment where you have to let your friends and family know that they should reserve some time to attend your wedding ceremony and reception. The traditional way of going about that is sending out Save the Date cards so that your invitees have a reminder for your event. More and more couples these days decide that they want to have DIY Save the Dates. They are more affordable and the best part is that they are personalized for the couple that creates them.

It gives the chance for personal stories to be included in the wedding stationery. Without further ado, here are the top 4 ways to DIY your Save the Dates.

  • The Movie Poster

If you’re both in love with movies and everything cinema, why not start in your very own romcom? You can create Save the Dates that remind of movie posters where him and her, or him and him or her and her are the smiling, in­love couple. Just pick a movie that you like the poster too, for the sake of the story, the best posters are the ones from romantic comedies. Draw inspiration from that and then choose a lovely couple photo that you want to showcase. Finally, just choose some nice fonts and you have your perfect Save the Date.

  • The Photo­booth Challenge

Grab a couple of nicely written signs that say ‘Save the Date’, the actual date and your names and get in a photo­booth. Go wild with your poses, be fun, spontaneous and playful. At the end of the impromptu photo shoot you should have really cute Save the Dates that you can proudly send to your friends and family.

  • Become a graphic designer

This is not a troll entry, don’t worry. We’re not saying to start up Adobe Photoshop and start creating your Save the Dates from scratch if you have never used the program before. You can use a website that has wedding stationery designs that you can customize to your liking. Think of it as having a beginning structure, where you can change fonts, colors and even text placement. Coprinted is a website that offers such services.

  • Fridge Magnets

This is arguably one of the cutest ways of customizing your Save the Dates. Apart from the traditional paper designs, you can create a Save the Date template and then print it on paper that has a magnetic side. Your invitees will appreciate the dose of originality. Just make sure that the Save the Date design is something that you would want to put on your fridge.

This is apparently one of the cutest methods for redoing your Save the Dates. Aside from the conventional paper outlines, you can make a Save the Date format and afterward print it on paper that has an attractive side. Your invitees will welcome the measurement of inventiveness. Simply verify that the Save the Date outline is something that you would need to put on your cooler.

That speaks the truth it from us, ideally these tips can help you in making your ideal Save the Date layouts

That is about it from us, hopefully these tips can help you in creating your perfect Save the Date templates, DIY style!


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