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Shipping Discounts Galore: How to Get Cheaper Postage Rates – Secret Sauce Revealed

You’ve already got a lot on your plate when it comes to operating your ecommerce store. Many e-retailers started their own online store because they wanted to create their own job and game plan. Now that you’ve got things rolling along smoothly, you are tasked with wearing many hats. Things like inventory management, customer service, order processing and fulfillment, price adjustments and even returns can suck a lot of time from your day.

The last thing that you need to really fret over are the shipping prices that you are paying. But studies show that the cost of shipping directly impacts your online sales. Online shoppers are fickle and frugal when it comes time to open their wallets and tender payment for the goods. If the shipping cost is too high, most consumers will abandon the shopping cart outright.

But, if you cater to the overwhelming demand for cheaper postage rates, you can close more sales and decrease your cart abandonment rate exponentially. By how much, you might be wondering? Try this on for size: studies show that 70% of all shoppers want cheap or free shipping. Offering them this key amenity will close more sales. Getting the cheaper postage rates you need is not impossible, either. We’ll show you a few tips and tricks so you can get ahead.

Digital Postage Providers

The first place that you are going to want to look for cheaper postage rates is found online with the popular digital discount postage providers. There are three popular options that you have here: Pitney Bowes, Endicia and All three have varying features, but all three offer the same low discounts on postage, as is regulated by the USPS.

How to Get Commercial Plus Pricing

If you are a large ecommerce business, and you are shipping over 50,000 packages per year, then you qualify for the pricing discounts offered on USPS Priority and Express Mail, found with USPS Commercial Plus pricing. But you can still get these deals even if you are not shipping large volume by using a provider called Express 1 – which connects you to the best postage rates, good for all your flat rate mailers and boxes.

Comparing Your Options

You will want to take the time to compare your options. For example, you may find that you like a feature that Endicia offers over Or you might find that Pitney Bowes is simpler to use. All three providers offer a great way to save, with Express 1 offering some of the best discounts available.

Creating a Game Plan

Before you start shipping and using these cheaper postage rates, you’ll want to have a solid game plan in place. There are a few tips that can be offered here to help you expedite this process.

  • Get your fulfillment in order and situated with a strong system that is expedient and efficient.
  • Lock down your postage provider and research how the cheaper postage rates can factor into your bottom line.
  • Try to project your shipping cost so you can offer a flat, aggregate price to attract more shoppers.
  • Consider absorbing the cost of shipping to offer free shipping, so you can appeal the 80% of all shoppers that desire that to encourage more sales.
  • Plan a year out so that you can factor adequate shipping cost into your bottom line.

Reducing Your Bottom Line

Getting cheaper postage rates is all about making your bottom line more feasible to your end game: profit margin. By using the aforementioned tips, you can easily get tied into some of the best rates on shipping possible. Use this advantage to gain a competitive edge over your rivals, and to encourage more sales while decreasing shopping cart abandonment rates across the board.




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