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Should You Get Your Child Contact Lenses?

If your child has vision problems, the chances are that you’ll presume glasses are the only option for them. However, that’s not the case. Many children get on well with contact lenses, especially kids who love playing sports. That being said, contact lenses aren’t suitable for every child. To determine whether your little one is ready to swap their glasses for contact lenses read on.

Is your child eight or older?

Most opticians won’t recommend contact lenses for children under eight, regardless of the circumstances. Having contact lenses is a big responsibility and one that often, younger children can’t cope with. A child must be able to put their contact lenses in and take them out themselves to wear them. Sadly, for younger children this is often too difficult. That’s why most opticians recommend contact lenses only for children eight and over only.

Can you afford the cost?

The downside of your child swapping their glasses for contact lenses is, of course, the cost. Unlike glasses that are a one-off payment, contact lenses have to be bought regularly. While some lenses can come cheaper, these are usually two-weekly lenses that aren’t suitable for kids. For children, the best option is daily disposable lenses, which can be picked up at many online optical stores. Daily lenses are best for kids as they’re easiest to use and less likely to result in an eye infection. However, before you start buying lenses for your child, it’s important to ensure that you can afford the cost.

Does your child take hygiene seriously?

One of the most important things when it comes to contact lenses is hygiene. So it’s essential your child takes keeping their hands clean seriously. You see, every time your child puts in or takes out their contact lenses, it’s essential that their hands are clean. If they handle their lenses with dirty hands, they’ll make themselves more prone to infections. If your child is happy to wash their hands before dinner, they’re hygiene conscious. However, if your little one always makes a big deal out of washing their hands, this is a warning sign.

Is your child well behaved at school?

This one might seem irrelevant but hear me out on this. If your child is well behaved at school and always completes their work without having to be nagged by, this shows that they are responsible. However, if they’re often in trouble and try to do anything to get out of doing their school work, this suggest they’re not responsible. To get on with contact lenses, it’s essential that your child is responsible. Having contact lenses is a big deal, and it’s important to realize that.

Swapping your child from glasses to contact lenses is a big deal, especially if they’re young. However, sometimes making this change can be for the best as it helps to improve their quality of life, allowing them to do more. For example, often kids struggle to play contact sports in glasses. In this instance, swapping to using contact lenses would give them the chance to do more.

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