Should You Seek a Second Opinion from a Dentist?

It is common enough nowadays that people go to a different doctor for a second opinion regarding their medical condition or certain other situations. However should you do the same with dentists? The short answer is: Yes – sometimes you should definitely seek a second opinion from a different dentist, but whether or not it is actually worthwhile will depend on the situation.

Some of the cases in which seeking a second opinion could help are:

  • When your problem isn’t being fixed despite the current dental work
    If you feel that despite the treatment or dental work that is being carried out your problem isn’t going away then seeking a second opinion may help. In some cases it may be useful to have a second pair of eyes look and confirm whether the treatment is correct and just needs a bit more time, or whether some other treatment may be better.
  • When you don’t have a good rapport with your dentist or doubt them
    Trust is essential between you and your dentist and you need to have confidence in their qualifications and abilities as well as a strong enough rapport that you’re comfortable with them. Without one or the other you may find that your relationship is problematic and it may even give rise to anxiety or result in you not being comfortable telling your dentist about concerns or issues that you have.
  • When you’ve been diagnosed with a major health problem
    Just like with major medical conditions, when you’re diagnosed with a major and life-changing health problem then seeking a second opinion can’t hurt. If nothing else it will help you to confirm the diagnosis and many people find that it is easier to accept it and the treatment that comes next once they do.
  • When you want a specialist’s opinion
    In most cases if a specialist’s opinion is required your dentist will refer you to them. However if you feel you’d like one all the same then it doesn’t hurt to get one on your own.

Assuming you have your heart set on seeking a second opinion, the next question is: From whom? If you like you could do your own research and find a dentist that has a good reputation to get a second opinion from, or if you have a good rapport with your current dentist you may even be able to ask them for a referral.

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