Should Your Kids Like To Play Football?

As a parent, you get to make a lot of decisions about when your children get involved in certain activities, including contact sports. And since it is one of the most popular sports in the country, if not the world, that’s eventually going to lead you to the question – “should I let my kids play football?”

At a young age, when they’re smaller, they can only get moving so fast, and there isn’t all that much of a chance of injury, but it is more of a risk as they get bigger and older. So keep in mind about concussions, teamwork, your local environment, their enjoyment factor, and possible alternatives that football if you still want your kids to be active in sports.

Read About Concussion Issues

Currently, there is some serious football litigation going on at the professional level because of injuries due to concussions. Realize that this isn’t as much of a problem with the younger kids, but if they are good enough, and they do make it through the ranks eventually, concussions are a big part of the game. Do you want your kids to eventually make it to that part of the path? And if you do want them to play when they’re younger, at what point do you say ‘well, that’s enough, because now there’s getting to be more potential for injury?” It’s something to seriously consider before you ever get your children involved in the first place.

Is It To Learn About Teamwork?

Football is an amazing team sport. However, you would know that judging by how some parents act, and how some kids play the game. If your child isn’t learning a team-oriented way of playing, it might be better to find something else to get them involved in. Most kids only get so far in sports, but along the way, they learn a lot of valuable life lessons. If those lessons about teamwork aren’t being taught in your particular social circumstance, pick a different sport.

What Environment Are You In?

Every community has a slightly different take on the importance of football. There are cities, and even states, that are known for their schools that produce football players. Even at a young age, you should be paying attention to the community vibe and deciding if you eventually want your children to be part of that system. It is a decision you get to make as a parent, to a certain degree. Just remember that up through the high school level, many communities have a very positive culture around football (think of all of those movies that center around the journey of the high school quarterback!).

Do They Enjoy It?

Some parents have their kids play football because they themselves enjoy it. They live vicariously through their children. However, if you notice that your kids aren’t enjoying it, it’s not a good idea for force the issue. How many made for TV specials have you seen that force that pressure on kids?

What Are Alternatives?

There are countless alternatives to football as well. Depending on the natural tendencies of your kids, they could get on the track team, or play baseball or soccer, even lacrosse if your school district supports it. With all of these possibilities and a good discussion, there’s no doubt that you’ll make a logical decision.

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