Signs Depicting the Infestation of Termites in the Property You Are Buying!

When you are buying a new property, you are actually investing a huge amount of your money in it. If the property is something you are doubtful about, refrain from making the purchase. If your suspicions go right, you are going to lose your hard earned money or at least a part of it. This isn’t something that you expect when you set out to buy a new house. That’s why it’s very crucial to inquire about each and every detail of the property you are going to buy. 

Be it the legal formalities or the neighbourhood inquiry or details about the owner or the property inspection, each of it is very significant before closing a deal for a property. If any of these points are missed, there may be disasters that you’ll have to face! And some of them can get you tangled in legal actions or you may be forced to renovate the entire property from scratch. So, the best precautions against such risks are contacting Savvy houz for property inspections in Christchurch. They ensure a detailed survey and inspection of the property you are planning to buy, and provide a report of the same with everything properly specified.

Signs defining the invasion of termites in the property you are going to buy:

Some older properties or even a few of the new ones are often infested with a large number of termites. Often this is the main reason property owners tend to sell their properties at lower rates. And this is something you couldn’t guess or make out in a single tour of the house. You’ll have to check various areas sharply and look for the following signs that clearly say that the property you have grown to love as your new office or home may be highly infested with termites:

When you hear some mysterious sounds in the area When you look around the place, often you’ll find a slight clicking sound in the background. You’ll be actually shocked to hear that, especially when the property is otherwise in pin drop silence. Don’t worry, the place won’t be haunted, but there are termites in the walls or the furniture, eating the wood. These termites often make such sound when they chew down the wood around you. If you hear this sound in the property, be sure to ask your property inspector to check for termites very carefully.

The wood floor seems blistered We know termites love wood. So, if the property you are looking to buy has wood flooring, you’ll have to be very sure to check if it’s blistered. And don’t just assume that blisters are caused by water leakages. (Though even this is a grave issue in a potential property) But double check the blistered area and you’ll see a telltale sign if the termites have bitten the area. And what’s more, even with laminate floors, there can be a similar situation. And laminates can be finished really fast by the termites as compared to wood.

Bugs are found flying in the area Most of us assume termites can’t fly, which isn’t true! Just like other insects, these get attracted to lights; and if they find a really good spot, they fly towards that place to breed. Though you can’t spot that favourite spot easily, but you can always spot the wings of these insects along with catching them flying. Be sure to inquire more about them in such areas.

Finding mud tubes in the place — Mud tubes are the most significant sign of the presence of termites in a property. These are basically weird tube like structure formed by the termites when they dig a burrow in the wood or are eating them up. You can find these tubes around the trees, near the doors, windows or anywhere where there’s wood in the place. This is the alarm that you need to register, for it clearly depicts that termites aren’t just present in a property, they are thriving.

Piles of pellets in the place When you see these wood coloured pellets all over the place, read the visible message that termites have been thriving in the place. These pellets are called frass, which is easy to clean — but cleaning it isn’t a solution to get rid of termites. The bugs would still be present in the property and your inspector can tell you how hard they have hit the area! 

If you are confident that you found even any one of the above signs in a property, never buy that place unless a professional inspector checks the property. They have the experienced eye that can dig deeper into the matter and let you know whether your guess is right or not. But if it’s true, better to give up the thought of investing in such a property or get the issue resolved totally before taking  it over!

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