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Simple Ideas To Improve Your Curb Appeal

When it comes to home improvements, most of us spend time and money on the interior of our homes. And, rightly so – we all spend the most time in there, after all. But what about the outside? Curb appeal isn’t something that a lot of us will look at until the time comes to spruce the place up for a sale.

The thing is, a few improvements and renovations to the outside of your property can personalize your home. Why should somebody else benefit from those changes when you can yourself?

So, today I thought I would go through some ideas to improve your curb appeal. They are simple little changes that you can take your time over. The main aim is for you to be delighted each time you pull into your road and walk up to your home. Let’s get started.


Paint your doors

The front door is the first sign of your personality – so what does yours say about you? It’s the one place in the front of the house that you can go wild with, so be as dramatic or frivolous as you like. However, the main thing to think about is keeping it in good shape. When you are pushing buggies into it twice a day, or the kids are going in and out of your front yard, it’s going to get messy. So keep it clean, and give it a fresh coat of paint it at least once a year.

Spruce up your garage

The garage is often forgotten when it comes to home improvements, which is odd considering how much space they take up! Of course, there isn’t much you can do with them – unless you are turning them into a gym, office, or a spare room. With this in mind, concentrate on your garage doors. If you are tired of the standard corrugated iron look, why not go for something swisher like an oak garage door? They are secure and look spectacular from the outside. It’s a little touch of luxury that can lift your outside space.

The windows

No matter how much you invest in making the outside of your home look prettier, your windows can let you down. They need cleaning – and regularly. The closer you live to a major road, the more you are going to have clean them – it’s just the way it is. All that grime and dust can make your home look sad and unappealing, so add polishing to your routine. Of course, rotten frames and broken glass will also lower the tone, but make sure your new ones fit in with the rest of the house.

The drive

No matter how small your driveway is, it can still look impressive. Keep your lawn clipped and your path clear of moss and weeds. Think about adding plants or shrubbery to lead up to the house, and you could even think about getting an address plaque. Finally, if you have a porchway, don’t let it become a dumping ground. I know it’s hard when you have kids, but get it into your routine and your home will always look clean, clear, and inviting!

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