Simple Steps for Replacing a Showerhead

The reasons for changing the showerhead could be numerous – maybe you want to save water with a low-flow range or the existing showerhead is ugly or perhaps you want to cut down on the chemical exposure with a filtering unit. No matter what your reason is, here is a step by step process for replacing a showerhead.

You’ll require the following tools:

Choose Your Showerhead

New Shower HeadSuppose, you have deeply chlorinated water in your area, you may want to look into a showerhead filter to avoid chemical contact to your skin and hair. Certainly, you need to reflect on your blonde locks, as they are taking on shades of green or you’re detecting the orange build up, which gets collected around the bathtub. Nonetheless, if you want to cut down on the total litres per minute being used every day in the shower then you need to pick up a low-flow variety from the local hardware store or you can also buy showerhead online.

Change Old Showerhead

Take your pull (wrench) and open it up, broad enough to grip all over the notch of your current showerhead. Provide it with a few counter-clockwise turns and it should relax. Ensure you are gripping your pull at the very end of the handle so you get more torque. However, refrain from applying a lot of force; be more cautious on the amount of pressure used to tighten and loosen as with anything plumbing related. After the showerhead loosens, just complete taking out by unscrewing the shower head with your hands.

Get Rid Of Extra Materials

When you have removed old shower head, you may find some extra material in the form of dust, plumber’s tape around the pipe or remnant rubber gaskets. Get hold of a rag and take out all remnants and extra material so you can get off to a fresh start.

Cover with Teflon Tape

Using a couple of layers of Teflon tape, cover the threads of the pipe. The tape gets connected just fine to the threads of the pipe and the tape isn’t sticky like what you may be habituated to. Along the threads, utilise your finger to smooth out the tape.

Set Up/ Install Replacement Head

Every head has different size; however, you’ll probably only have to hand-tighten the new showerhead onto the pipe by rotating clock-wise. Unless the instructions plainly state it, don’t use a wrench; however, where you do require one, be cautious not to over-tighten.

Inspect for Leakages

Turn on the showerhead thereafter watch and sense for leakages around the seal. Pat yourself on the back if there are none, you’ve just done one of your first DIYs. In case, you discover a leakage, try and hand-tighten the showerhead a little more and check again!

Hope the above steps were simple and easy for replacing a showerhead! These days, you can easily buy showerhead online as per your preference and budget. Also, you can call an experienced plumber for replacing your bathroom’s shower head or for solving other plumbing problems.

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